5 Simple Tips To Ace That Job Interview

It does not matter if you are a fresh graduate seeking your first job to jumpstart your career as a professional or someone who is looking for a fresh start and a new job, the interview part can be quite nerve-racking. It can be the make or break factor whether you get hired or not. There are a lot of aspects that consist that 10 to 15-minute conversation with the HR.

That is why it is every job seeker’s priority to ace their interview. Lock in that job opportunity by doing just that with these simple tips:

Conduct necessary research

A little research can go a long way. Do it to scope out the company and even the recruiter. Knowing the company’s culture, their approach towards what they do, their achievements, and even their bad days can help you a lot during the interview. Gather as much background information as you can from all the credible sources.

You can also visit forums online or company profiles on job posting websites like Job Pinoy to read up about other applicants that were interviewed before you for extra tips. 

Organize and practice

Collect your thoughts and practice your responses before the interview.  Prepare answers for all commonly asked interview questions, like the things that you want to tell about yourself, your accomplishments and work experience, what are your weaknesses and the classic “Why should we hire you?” question. Think of talking points so you can easily remember where to begin with your answers and practice them.

Another question that could be brought up is the behavioral ones. Learn techniques and put some thought on how you should answer them because it shows the recruiter how you handle situations that happen in the workplace that measure up to your professional character.

Establish rapport

This is also a great way to have that good first impression. Building rapport with your interviewer is pretty simple, listen, observe, and find something relatable to you or your experiences and then insert it into the conversation.

This might also depend on your interviewer and his or her mood. Feel out if you are at a comfortable point of your interview, before attempting to lighten up or be serious.

Avoid common interview blunders

Remind yourself of the don’ts when you have an interview:

  •  Do not be late –  make sure that you arrive on time
  • Dressing inappropriately – better to ask what clothes you need to wear
  • Not getting your facts straight – be sure that the details on your resume are correct and you know them full-well

Keep cool and be confident

After preparing and conditioning yourself with the first four, time to proceed and take that next step. It’s a cliche, but it’s true, be confident. You are ready and equipped to be at your best during your interview.


Keep these tips in mind as soon as you get that call you have been waiting for to get that job you desire.

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