5 Websites That Will Help You To Be An Intelligent Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs spend some amount of time–sometimes a lot!–reading online. Instead of chasing after clickbait headlines and yellow journalism, why not spend time on sites that will make you a smarter entrepreneur?

Neil Patel

Are you in an online business? Read this site to be an intelligent entrepreneur. Consider one of the main references to digital marketing. Neil Patel proposes a communication capable of awakening the desire for the purchase of the user, through quality content.


Entrepreneur gives marketing advice. It has posts and videos that provide tips on productivity, motivation, new technologies and everything an entrepreneur needs to know for decision making. It has a section dedicated only to inspire entrepreneurs. Useful when something in your business goes wrong and you want to go back and start over or establish new strategies. A mandatory space for engagement and knowing what is happening in the market for digital products firsthand!

Entrepreneurs Journey (YARO STARAK)

Entrepreneurs Journey (now YARO STARAK), which in a literal translation would be something like Jornada Del Emprendedor, is a channel that teaches all the methods and techniques necessary to get your idea out of paper and materialize it in a business. The blog is great for those who are still building an online business, want to learn how to market their products on the internet and to be an intelligent entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs Journey also has its own podcast in which it tackles the world of digital entrepreneurship from the perspective of different professionals who work in the area.


In the same style as Neil Patel’s blog, Backlinko is a page that shares SEO tips to improve the positioning of your page in the main search engines and, consequently increase your online visibility. The blog is not updated daily but has valuable materials so you can increase your digital marketing strategy and attract more qualified traffic to your page.


If the name does not seem strange to you, it is because it is not. Because Forbes is the largest business publication in the world, available in several languages. Despite being focused on large companies and multinational, Forbes has fixed columns on leadership, people management, and business sustainability that can be applied to the routine of small business entrepreneurs.

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