A Few Tips to Achieve Health & Safety in the Workplace

It is important for every business, no matter how big or small, to have a safe and healthy work environment in order to keep all employees, employers and customers safe. It is easy to ensure the well-being of all those present in the workplace when everyone is aware of their legal rights and responsibilities. When everybody in the workplace is aware of their legal safety obligations, it significantly contributes to the enjoyment of a safe and happy workplace.

The Legal Rights and Responsibilities of the Employer

There is no doubt that the primary onus of establishing a safe and healthy work environment lies on the employer. All employers, no matter how big or small their business may be, are responsible for providing and maintaining work environments that are safe and without risk to the health and wellbeing of everyone, ensuring safe work practices are developed and properly implemented and providing adequate first aid facilities. Employers must also ensure that appropriate work equipment is provided and regularly maintained, provide needed health supervision as well as provide enough PPE for all workers that may need it. They must also provide effective and efficient safety training, so everyone is prepared in case of an emergency.

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The Legal Rights and Responsibilities of the Employee

It is very important for all employees to be fully aware of their legal rights. There are specific laws in place that are designed to protect and fight for employees’ rights and safety within their workplace. The legal rights of an employee include being provided with free and safe PPE and a safety representative, and to have any risks to your health and safety properly controlled as much as possible. It is also your legal right as an employee to be consulted about your safety by your employer on a regular basis, to be able to leave your work area should your health and safety be at risk and/or compromised, and to be able to freely tell your employer about any concerns for your health and safety in your workplace.

It is also very important that you fully understand the responsibilities that you have as an employee. These responsibilities include the legal obligation to participate in appropriate safety training in the workplace, to adhere to the health and safety policies in the workplace and to use any PPE that has been provided to her/him in a manner that is most appropriate. Employees are also responsible for reporting any injuries and strains that they notice in the workplace immediately, and are responsible for informing their employers of any health-related issue that the employee may have that could potentially affect their work performance.

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Safety Compliance Software to Make Establishing Safe Work Environments Easy

Using safety compliance software makes it easier for companies to create safe work environments. It also makes it easier for employers to provide their employees with the necessary safety training and helps users identify safety risks, hazards and incidents within the workplace.

A safety compliance software such as Safety Assure helps companies establish a safer workplace without the administrative burden, and enables your employees to quickly and easily capture videos from their mobile phone and store them with incident, accident, audit and training records for OSHA recordkeeping. Safety Assure also enables you and your employees to comply with safety policies and provides your company with preventive measures to reduce the rate of workplace injuries and prevent recurring incidents by identifying root causes, risks, hazards and trends. If you are interested in using Safety Assure, be sure to contact CloudApper for more information.

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