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Hi, hope all of you are doing well and today I am going to give you a quick review of CloudDesk remote employee productivity monitoring and analytics solution. So, what is CloudDesk? It is a remote employee monitoring software that monitors the activities of employees who are working remotely from their home or anywhere else. CloudDesk also provides visibility into their time logs, web and app usage, engagement levels etc. so that you can work on them to increase productivity. Its main application runs on windows pc and laptops, but there is also a mobile app for monitoring purposes.

Features of CloudDesk Employee Monitoring Software

CloudDesk has some of the most amazing features for employee productivity monitoring, like:

  • You can capture live Screenshots; the software generates random screenshots to confirm the employees stays on track.
  • Monitor web and app usage; you can track website and app usage to confirm employee’s dedication and productivity level throughout the working day.
  • Employee identity verification; It verifies employee’s identity during check-in and check-out using a robust face recognition system to ensure that the person sitting In front of the computer is not a ghost worker.
  • Receive Analytical Insights; The software has a robust analytical dashboard through which you can have a clear idea about the entire operation.
  • Seamless integration and management with other HRMS solutions like Kronos and ADP to Optionally sync attendance data.

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How does this employee monitoring software work?


So, in order to get started with CloudDesk, you need to install the application. After installation, once you click on the App icon and login, the main App interface will pop out. Now, if you want to start working, simply click on the start working button and it will show you a disclaimer message where you will have to click “OK” to get started. Next, it will ask for your facial biometric, so you will have to look straight at the webcam and verify your identity. After that, I will be signed in and your working hour will start. While working you can simply minimize this interface and it will show a minimized version with only your working hours over here. If you want, you can also take a break, simply click on the “Take a Break” button and your work hour counter will pause and break hour counter will start. You can see the break icon in yellow in the minimized interface and it will show the total amount of break hours I have spent. Similarly, if you want to go back to work simply click the “Back to Work” button and it will again ask for your facial biometric and enroll you back to working status. You can also check your time card information, which shows the full days’ time log and time when I have started working. If you remain inactive in your computer for too long, it will automatically take you to idle mode. The App also randomly checks on employee engagement by popping up random Face ID verification, it’s a cool way of checking whether the employee is sitting in front of the pc or not. The random face id verification gives you 5 minutes buffer time, within which you will have to verify your face or else it will automatically show that verification failed and the app will go to the break mode. But, if you verify your face within the time limit, it will continue showing working status.

Web Based Dashboard for Employee Productivity Data Analysis


The App also comes with a web-based dashboard that shows the overall summary of the employee activities. You can add employees form the employee tab with their details. You can also set to capture screenshots at scheduled intervals and set timing for capturing facial biometrics. You can also disable these two options if you wish to and set the time as per your convenience under which random screenshots and facial biometric will be captured. From the punch you can manually add time logs. There is an option for punch insight, where you will be able to see the random screenshots that were taken while the employees were working. It also shows the website’s the employees have visited and apps he has used.

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Best Use Cases for this employee monitoring software


  • Get a clear idea about your workforce’s productivity level. Use data insights to analyze the bottleneck’s and how to clear them.
  • Log and monitor employee activity including working hours, engagement, and web and app usage of remote workers.
  • Look for insights that can optimize workforce behaviors and take action on the findings to optimize efficiency, business processes and the overall employee experience.
  • Get an accurate picture of each employee’s performance and intent. No corporate politics should ever impact a great team members performance review.
  • Minimize compliance risks, ensure sensitive data privacy and protection against insider threat, and quickly respond to audits with robust reports generated with a few clicks.

That’s it for today. Before saying goodbye, please know that the CloudDesk is a highly customizable application, which gives you the ability to modify specific aspects of the application to meet your organizational needs without any coding knowledge at all. During my use I have found it to be pretty much straight forward and easy to use. I would totally recommend you to give it a try as your teams productivity tracking and analytics platform. So, please don’t hesitate to contact them directly via the product page here and they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about their solution.

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