Drive Your Facility Management Service Business with CloudApper Facilities Software

A facility management service provider from Nigeria recently signed up for a trial of our facility management solution. The prospect wanted to learn more about CloudApper Facilities’ features and benefits to understand how it could streamline his business process. This is a frequently asked question on our end by many FM service providers from all across the globe, including businesses from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Finally, we have decided to cover the issue in today’s blog and show you how CloudApper Facilities could help facility management service provider companies grow.       

CloudApper Facilities is a highly customizable solution for managing repair and maintenance, work order management, asset and equipment tracking, and other safety and compliance related services across multiple facilities. It is easy to use, highly affordable and, unlike other facility management software, our software can become what your requirements are. 

Anyone can use our integrated asset management, maintenance management, work order management, and reporting tools to drive your facility management service, property management, and facility maintenance business. Use our mobile field service app to get work orders done with greater certainty and use our resource mobilization features to get your people where they need to be.

Key Features and Benefits of Facilities Management Software:

Information on all facilities in one place

From a central database, you can keep track of all the operations that are going on right now at different client facilities. It’s easy to keep track of incidents, the use of assets, maintenance, and/or the replacement of important equipment.

Streamlined Work Order Management

Work order management that makes it easy for your staff to access operating instructions, task checklists, and important files from their mobile devices will help keep equipment maintenance less chaotic.

Notifications for Emergencies and Maintenance

Get alerts about service requests, situations or events, asset maintenance issues, and all emergency policies and maintenance procedures so that employees can see them quickly.

Taking Care of Repairs and Maintenance

Set up preventive and reactive maintenance schedules for equipment or assign maintenance staff to work orders that aren’t part of an ongoing contract for individual jobs.

Layout Map for Keeping Track of Where Assets Are

With the layout map function, companies can quickly see where their assets are in the facility. With the digital floor plan, companies can now easily track and find their assets.

Go completely Digital

With our CloudApper facility management software, you can say goodbye to all the chaos of paperwork. It cuts down on the time wasted looking over a lot of documents, eliminates human mistakes that come with manual processes, and makes workflow more efficient by digitizing all paperwork.


Whether your facility management service company is in charge of a factory, a construction site, or a corporate office, you will have to deal with a number of maintenance and organization emergencies. CloudApper Facilities helps with this by giving facility management service providers instant access to emergency information, asset data about how that specific facility or building works, and emergency procedures.


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