Frontline Workers Get a Voice: Lettuce Entertain You Creates Thriving Culture with UKG Pro

In the bustling world of restaurants, the smiles served with every dish depend on a hidden engine: satisfied frontline workers. Recognizing this, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, a nationally recognized group with over 130 locations, has implemented UKG Pro to cultivate a thriving workplace culture for its 7,000 employees.

The key to their success lies in communication and connection. UKG Pro’s powerful features, like UKG Talk, have empowered Lettuce Entertain You to:

  • Break down silos: Frontline staff can easily connect with each other and managers, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Real-time communication: Important announcements and updates reach employees instantly, keeping them informed and engaged.
  • Open feedback channels: Two-way communication allows employees to share their concerns and ideas, leading to more responsive management.

This shift in communication culture has paid off in spades. Ethan Samson, Executive Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Lettuce Entertain You, states, “We had a vision to dramatically improve our culture with open and honest communication… UKG Talk not only fulfilled that vision but is a key driver of our culture and a vital component of our technology infrastructure to help us become a great place to work.”

Beyond communication, UKG Pro delivers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline everything from hiring and onboarding to payroll and performance management. This empowers Lettuce Entertain You to invest in its workforce through:

  • Personalized training and development: Tailored learning paths ensure employees have the skills they need to thrive.
  • Recognition and rewards programs: Celebrating achievements boosts morale and motivation.
  • Flexible scheduling and work-life balance options: Empowering employees leads to happier, more engaged teams.

The results speak for themselves. Lettuce Entertain You has seen a significant decrease in turnover, a boost in employee morale, and a more positive guest experience. This demonstrates the immense power of investing in frontline workers and creating a workplace where they feel valued and heard.

While UKG Pro provides the foundation for Lettuce Entertain You’s success, there’s always room for further customization and enhancement. This is where CloudApper AI, a trusted UKG partner, comes in. CloudApper’s innovative platform allows businesses to:

  • Build custom apps and workflows to address specific needs and processes.
  • Leverage AI-powered insights to gain deeper understanding of their workforce and make data-driven decisions.
  • Create personalized employee experiences that increase engagement and satisfaction.

Just like Lettuce Entertain You, any organization using UKG Pro can unlock its full potential with CloudApper AI. By combining a robust HR platform with the power of customization and AI, businesses can create workplaces where frontline workers thrive, driving success and creating a culture everyone can be proud of.

Ready to take your employee experience to the next level? Visit CloudApper AI today to learn how you can turn UKG Pro into a personalized masterpiece for your workforce.

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