How to mute retweet on twitter?

Wanna get rid of Retweets? Is it ruining your Twitter experience too? Learn how to mute retweet on twitter.

As recently as 2012, people made fun of the idea that Twitter was a place to discuss your lunch. To make a joke in 2022, people will swipe through it when they want to feel miserable.

Twitter is a cesspool of hate. It’s a fact. One might wonder why this is so.

Retweets, in my opinion. One of the most popular features of Twitter is a simple button that anyone can use to share a tweet with their followers, making it a sort of video game. I like it at times, like when someone tells a very good joke. However, the retweet button encourages people to communicate their opinions immediately, rather than taking the time to spell them out. And it turns out that people enjoy discussing things that enrage them on the spur of the moment.

“Someone said something stupid/offensive/wrong and people are furious,” or some version of that, is probably half of the trending section right now. Twitter would be a better world without retweets, at least in my opinion, therefore I’ve figured out how to hide them. It made my life a lot less stressful and my timeline a lot more organized. Here’s how you, too, can get it done.

How to mute retweet on twitter?

There is a fix for the problem of seeing every retweet. A little bit of a hack, but it does the job perfectly. ‘ When you open Twitter’s settings, go to Privacy and Security, then Mute and Block.


Add a new word to mute by clicking the + button in the upper right corner. “RT @” has been added. In the style of:


In an instant, all of your retweets will be removed from your newsfeed. Why is this so effective? Before Twitter made retweets official, users had to manually write “RT” followed by the username of the user they were retweeting, which was time-consuming and cumbersome. Muting “RT @” on Twitter appears to disable all retweets, as the backend appears to still use this language.

Quote-retweets, which are retweets containing remarks, are not muted by this feature. That’s fine with me; at the very least, these retweets provide some context and an opinion, rather than being merely impulsive sharing. Even so, the ability to block those would be welcome.

Retweets from specific accounts can be muted.

As a Twitter user, you’ve probably come across someone who’s both intelligent and overly prolific in their retweets. Fortunately, you can opt out of viewing these people’s tweets. Head to the guilty profile and click the three dots button. (I’m using my own twitter account for this screenshot as i had to use an example). You will find the option for turning off retweets.


Retweets for this user can be disabled from this page.


No more rubbish from this user can be thrown into your timeline. They can do it, but they have to type it out themselves; you won’t be able to send it to your timeline with the press of a button. I’m confident that this will be a big assistance.

After the retweets, there is life.

Retweets have been removed from my timeline for months. Nice to meet you. For starters, it’s a lot easier to keep up with my timeline because I’m just seeing posts from individuals I’ve followed. However, I’ve also discovered that I have far less to be angry about.

There is no guarantee that this method will work for everyone. The reason for this is that it’s quite easy to swiftly retweet anything that annoys you, or makes you feel self-righteous about it. It’s easier to do this on the fly with the retweet button than it is to create a tweet, which requires some thought.

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