Samsung has announced its latest member of portable X-series NVMe SSD – X5, it is expected to come with support for Thunderbolt 3. This new ultra fast Portable SSD will offer the some pretty massive speed with capability of managing upto 40 Gbps bandwidth and lightning reading & writing speeds of 2,800 MB/s and 2,300 MB/s. After release it is going to become several times faster than any SATA-based portable solid state drives available in the market.

If you are planning to get one of these high speed portable SSDs, you should know that tremendous speed comes at a hefty price, so your wallet better be ready to handle the pressure. It will costs you $399.99 for the 500GB model, $699.99 for the 1TB model, and $1,399.99 for the 2TB premium version with 3 years limited warranty.

This SSD is specifically designed to work with Thunderbolt 3 port only, that means if you have a laptop that only support USB won’t be compatible with it. You’ll be requiring one of the latest, high-end machine that comes with a Thunderbolt 3 computer port to use the X5 and take advantage of its full capability.

Appearance wise it will be surrounded by a full-metal body with a glossy finish and non-slippery bottom mat to prevent accidental falls, rugged housing with shock-resistant internal frame, Dynamic Thermal Guard technology, and a heat sink to keep it cool. The shock-resistant frame is supposed to be able to take a fall of up to two meters.

Samsung believes that the ideal users of this SSD would be tech savvy professionals who can use of this SSD to handle 4K video editing, real-time 3D rendering, and transferring high-resolution RAW files. Imagine writing a 20GB file in just 12 seconds – that’s 2,300 MB/s.

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