The Homeowner’s Guide to Securing Sliding Doors Against Intruders

One of many people’s considered greatest achievement has got to be investing or owning a house. If anything, it’s a dream come true; once just a vision, now turned into reality.

However, there will be some instances wherein we get tested in life, most especially, when it comes to handling unexpected situations, such as burglaries.

Burglary, according to the Oxford Dictionary, refers to any forced entry into a house or building with the intent of committing a crime, such as stealing. Now, any type of building or house can never be exempt from this act. However, there are ways on how to prevent these things from happening.

Let’s say you’ve moved into your new home–a home filled with glass windows and sliding doors, one that’s very common nowadays. But, a sudden fear comes and lurks around your mind:

Does my house attract burglars? What would I do if anything happens? Should I just move into a much safer place, one without all-glass sliding doors and windows? What should I do to prevent these things from happening?

I know, you’re terrified just by the thought of someone breaking into your precious home. Which is why this article will be giving you enough tips to lessen the chance of attracting burglars, or worse, your house getting broken into. Below is the homeowner’s guide to securing sliding doors against intruders:

Why Are Sliding Doors So Vulnerable?

First thing you’d want to know is why sliding doors are so vulnerable and an easy target of most burglars. If anything, you might want to shy away from sliding doors even before buying a house.

Most–if not all–sliding doors use latches, not locks, and even the most inexperienced thieves can get through factory-installed latches. But of course, a burglar’s most favorite thing to do in breaking sliding doors is to use a regular old brick. One strong throw towards your door, and they can get inside your home.


Now that you know why, it’s time to move on to the part where we try to prevent these things from happening.

Get Sliding Door Locks

Let’s be real here, most locks that come installed with sliding glass door are useless. If anything, they don’t even work at all! That’s why it’s important that you lock these doors for real and install door security to make sure your entire home is safe and secured. There are so many options to choose from, you just need to know which ones will work best for your sliding door and which ones you think will best serve its purpose–which is to keep your doors shut.

Apply Shatter-Proof Film

As mentioned, most burglars’ favorite thing to do when breaking into a home with glass sliding doors is to simply throw an old brick right at your door. Let’s confuse and make things hard for them by applying shatter-proof films on your door. Maintain your outdoor views while also securing your home as you put on these films, which repel any flying debris, helping protect your home not just in the event of a burglary, but also during natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes.

Install Alarm Sensors

What’s the best way to scare off robbers? That’s right, add an alarm system.

These alarm systems usually come with sensors, including glass break ones. These sensors can easily detect the sounds a glass makes when it’s breaking. If such alarm or action is detected, the system will then send an alert either to you or a centralized monitoring system, which can then also scare the burglar. Alarm sensors are an important part of any home because it also helps make an entire neighborhood aware of a [possible] robbery.

Use Blocking Bars

One of the best ways to prevent burglars from getting into your house is by inserting a metal or wooden block just along the bottom track of your sliding door. This physical barrier makes it impossible for robbers to push the door aside, even if they successfully break your door’s latch. Just take note that the bar should be long enough to allow minimal opening, if there is any.

Wrapping Up

Your house is one of your most prized possessions, if not the most. So don’t you think it’s just right enough for you to protect and secure it all costs? Planning to shift into sliding doors soon? Don’t worry! You definitely can! Just make sure to remember those tips mentioned above to avoid mishaps, such as a robbery.

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