Things To Watch Out For When Looking For Good Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Handles are simple but are easily one of, if not the most, integral part of any appliance and household structure. For your kitchen cabinet, it’s the final touch that it needs. It comes in different colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes and helps protect the finish of your cabinet.

So how do you choose a kitchen handle? Well, here are the things you need to watch out for to assist you in determining the best handle for your kitchen cabinet:

Aesthetic appeal

Yes, it is a must that you consider this when picking handles for your kitchen cabinets. Your handle should complement the appearance of your cabinets; and for interior designers, match the entire look of the kitchen.

Here are the details that fall under aesthetics:

  • Style – Take into account the overall style you want to achieve for your kitchen. The handles you put on your cabinets can influence that style. 

There are three main broad categories of kitchen cabinet styles:  traditional, contemporary, and transitional. The traditional style fits with the handles that resemble old-world designs, the usual example being drop handles. Contemporary goes with either the slim rectangular stainless steel handles or the softly curved barrel handles, while transitional is for people who want something in between the first two, where you can mix handles that match both traditional and contemporary. Contemporary and transitional also share the common trait of the minimalist feel.

  • Finish – After you find the handle you like, determining the finish is a piece of cake. There is a wide variety to choose from. The traditional style, for example, from black to brass, to aluminum and even stainless steel.
  • Size – Choosing the same handle size for the entire kitchen is recommended. Doing so will create a less busy and more consistent look in your kitchen. Go for the handles that will not look long on shorter drawers and vice-versa.
  • Shape – Rules do not always apply when choosing between a knob or a pull, but it is advisable to use pull handles because it is more comfortable to pull.
  • Position – Make sure that your cabinetry is installed to the position in the spots you like. Once this is done, start trying out the handles, which position and at what height you want to place them. The standard is vertical for doors while horizontal should be on pull-out drawers.

Quality and functionality

Of course, much like with everything we purchase quality is always a priority. Test the handles first before buying them and make certain that they are all easy to grip by feeling them.

To sum it up, handles are an integral part of the kitchen and when picking which ones to use, one must always put comfort first over style.

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