Top 10 Corporate Wellness Programs Examples

The importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy workforce is one aspect of corporate culture that cannot be expressed and emphasized enough. It is crucial for employers to look after and take the health and wellbeing of their employees very seriously, and to make sure that measures have been put in place to create a safe and conducive environment for all those present in the workplace.  Establishing a healthy workforce is not always the easiest thing to do, and therefore it is important for a company to always thoroughly plan and strategize an efficient way of doing so, and in a way that will benefit all those present in the company.

Top 10 Corporate Wellness Programs Examples

1. FitSpot

Fitspot is a corporate wellness provider that many companies make use of in the aim of promoting health and wellness within the workplace. Many companies turn to fitspot to help establish and maintain a healthy working environment as fitspot consists of multiple health initiatives such as on-site weekly workouts on a Monday evening as well as monthly health initiatives to help encourage employees to make better health decisions. This comes in the form of monthly newsletters, wellness posters as well as an audio experience. The content within these monthly initiatives can include anything from healthy recipes to sleep management tips to encouraging healthy mindfulness.


2. Nike Wellness Program

The Nike Inc is a world renowned company that is designed to help its users with the designing and development of sport and leisure footwear and apparel. The Nike wellness program however, has developed a very efficient and effective fitness application that is accessible to all to help keep fit and encourage others to do the same. The Nike headquarters as well as other big Nike locations has an efficient fitness center at their disposal that allows all employees to make use of in the aims of keeping fit. These fitness centers consist of entities such as yoga rooms, weight training rooms as well as cross-fit training rooms.


BSDI has won multiple awards for being a leader in the promotion of health technology in the US. The company focuses on advanced web technologies and sophisticated data analysis. BDSI has been established for many years, and has successfully producing rich and easily accessible technologies that are used to cultivate daily healthy lifestyles and and healthy habits in order to improve health populations.

4. Hotjar

Hotjar has been designed to provide its users with information as to how exactly clients make use of their websites, collects user feedback and helps website visitors turn into real clients. Hotjar has established a work from home option as a means of increasing and improving the mental and physical health and wellbeing of employees. Hotjar provides its employees with the necessary resources to create a suitable and efficient work environment at home.

5. Netflix

Netflix itself does not need any introduction or explain as the streaming service is incredibly well known. The Netflix Wellness Program however understands the importance of employee wellbeing and thus provides its users with unlimited leave days for vacations and sick leave. Netflix also offers its employees who have recently become new moms and dads up to one year of paid leave in order to adjust to the new life of being a parent.

6. CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform

This is an all-in-one wellness program that has been trusted and used by many. The program brings all corporate wellness programs into one place such as health assessments, biometric management, education, self-help challenges all in the hopes of improving employee health and wellness.

7. Fitbit

Fitbit is well known for producing activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology that measures a person’s steps, heart rate, sleep patterns and more. Fitbit is able to make use of their own product in order to encourage employees to make better health decisions. The most active employees receive rewards as health incentives which help to cut down on sick days, illness and fatigue through fun and active obstacles.


8. An SME Wellness Program

Small and medium sized businesses are still able to ensure that their employees remain healthy and active even when not having a huge budget and many resources to do so. SME’s are able to introduce healthy living within the workplace by providing employees with healthy snacks, water for employees as well as starting a weekly/monthly fitness challenge to keep motivated and healthy.

9. Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies

Alyfe wellness strategies make use of a whole person approach in that individuals are enables to discover a deep-rooted purpose for healthy living. Alyfe empowers individuals in all aspects of their wellbeing and can do so onsite, online, or telephonically.

10. Circle Care Employee Wellness Application

CircleCare provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. The employee wellness app focuses on physical, social and occupational wellness for its employees by allowing users to create custom challenges for holistic activities like walking, tracking weight, sleep, and exercise as well as  provides functionality to improve job satisfaction and output.If you wish to find out more about this employee wellness app, please contact CircleCare for more information.

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