Top 10 UKG HCM Automation and Customization Solutions

CloudApper AI provides a variety of UKG HCM (Human Capital Management) automation solutions and customization options. These solutions offer cost-effective alternatives and augment the functionality of UKG HCM to meet particular business requirements. Here are CloudApper AI’s offered UKG HCM automation and customization solutions:

1. Customized Time Capture Solution

  • A more cost-effective alternative to the UKG time device.
  • Employees can clock in and out using Android or iOS devices.
  • Options such as employee ID verification, employment transfers, attestations, and notifications are modifiable.

2. Automated Wage/Step Progression Calculation Solution

  • Calculates employee step pay quantities automatically using UKG Dimensions data.
  • Transmits precise step pay data to UKG or third-party payroll systems.
  • Effortlessly simplifies the monitoring of step pay progression.

3. Employee Tips Management Solution

  • Tracks and stores employee gratuity information for UKG users.
  • Permits administrators to record tip information for multiple employees individually or in bulk.
  • Streamlines the procedure and conserves time.

4. Group/Bulk Time Punch Capture Solution

  • A custom solution for recording the work hours of a large number of employees.
  • Syncs information from iOS or Android devices with UKG software.
  • Contains an offline mode for data collection even when there is no Internet connection.

5. hrGPT Solution for UKG HCM Automation

  • Employs AI-driven engagement to automate UKG HCM duties.
  • Simplifies employee access to and submission of HCM data over SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, Mattermost, Email, Other Messengers etc.
  • Provides an intuitive interface to improve the employee experience.

6. Employee Self-Service (ESS) powered by AI

  • Reduces operational expenses by streamlining employee tasks such as time card submission and schedule verification.
  • Provides a fully customizable ESS solution that can be accessed via SMS conversations.
  • Eliminates the need for mobile or web applications and increases employee engagement.

7. Intelligent UKG HCM Automation

  • Engages employees in HCM information access and submission through two-way SMS communication.
  • Automates workflows and enables interaction using natural language.
  • Automation propelled by AI that maximizes the potential of the workforce.

8. Automated UKG Shift Management Solution

  • Facilitates the automation of shift scheduling processes for UKG users.
  • Utilizes AI to determine shift requirements, voids, and problems to send out shift bidding, swapping and confirmation notifications.
  • Notifies relevant personnel via SMS, email, or messaging applications.

9. Confirmation of Shift Response Collection Solution

  • Prevents absences at the last minute and workplace disarray.
  • Utilizes AI to automatically affirm employee availability via SMS, WahtsApp, Slack, Email other similar services.
  • Notifies managers of any anomalies and fills open positions proactively.

10. Automated Shift Bidding Solution

  • Streamlines and optimizes shift assignment processes for employees.
  • Identifies eligible personnel and notifies them of available schedules.
  • Increases employee engagement and eliminates manual shift assignment procedures.

These CloudApper AI solutions allow UKG users to effectively personalize their HCM systems and unleash the power of automation, efficiency, and improved decision-making. Businesses can maximize the value of their UKG solutions and transform raw data into actionable insights through seamless integration, personalized reports, and a drag-and-drop platform. CloudApper AI simplifies the process of customization, enabling businesses to concentrate on business growth and productivity.

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