UKG, Ceridian, and Paylocity – Unveiling the Customer Service Champion in HRIS

Choosing the right Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a major decision, with factors like functionality, affordability, and scalability influencing your selection. But there’s another crucial aspect often overlooked: customer service. Let’s delve into the customer service landscape of three leading HRIS providers – UKG, Ceridian, and Paylocity – to help you make an informed decision.


  • Pros: UKG prides itself on proactive and knowledgeable support, offering dedicated account managers and phone, email, and chat support options. Additionally, their online knowledge base and community forum provide self-service solutions.
  • Cons: Some users report inconsistencies in support quality, with wait times and resolution times occasionally exceeding expectations.


  • Pros: Ceridian boasts a high ratio of support representatives to customers, leading to quicker response times. They offer phone, email, and online chat support, along with extensive training resources and webinars.
  • Cons: Recent customer reviews indicate concerns about service quality, particularly regarding complex issues requiring specialist assistance.


  • Pros: Paylocity has historically held a reputation for exceptional customer service, with personalized attention and readily available support. They offer phone, email, and online chat support, often exceeding user expectations.
  • Cons: Recent industry reports suggest a decline in service quality, with users experiencing longer wait times and less personalized support.

Beyond the Headlines:

Remember, individual experiences can vary based on specific needs, user expectations, and company size. To gain a deeper understanding:

  • Consult Industry Reports: Look for recent independent analyst reports or customer satisfaction surveys for objective insights.
  • Read User Reviews: Explore platform-agnostic review sites like G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra to get a broader perspective.
  • Engage in Direct Communication: Schedule demos or consultations with each vendor to assess their responsiveness and understand their unique service offerings.

Focus on What Matters:

While a strong customer service infrastructure is valuable, consider your specific needs:

  • Support Availability: How critical is 24/7 availability or multilingual support?
  • Response Times: What response times are acceptable for your organization?
  • Issue Resolution: Do you prioritize quick fixes or in-depth analysis and guidance?

By analyzing your specific needs and carefully evaluating each vendor’s customer service landscape, you can confidently choose the HRIS that not only meets your functional requirements but also provides the reliable support you deserve.

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