Organizations can’t get the most out of their employees unless they have a foolproof system in place for keeping track of their time and whereabouts. UKG provides several versions of time clocks to accommodate a wide variety of corporate requirements. This article will compare and contrast several different types of UKG time clocks, discussing their individual advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we will present CloudApper AI Timeclock, a cutting-edge replacement that offers superior features and an intuitive interface.

UKG InTouch DX

The UKG InTouch DX time clock is a cutting-edge device with a modern look and feel. A number of biometric authentication methods are supported, and the UI is intuitive. The combination of its user-friendly touch screen and software makes tracking employees’ time and attendance a breeze for both management and administration.

UKG InTouch 9100

Time and attendance may be accurately recorded with the help of the UKG InTouch 9100 time clock. It allows for both fingerprint and badge-based identification, guaranteeing safe and accurate timekeeping. The gadget may be adjusted to fit the user’s preferences, and it is built to last in a wide range of professional settings.

UKG InTouch RC+

The UKG InTouch RC+ is a flexible time clock ideal for use in off-site or out-of-the-way places. It allows workers to precisely log their time and attendance from their mobile devices. This timepiece syncs automatically with the UKG system and allows for wireless connectivity thanks to its Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities.

CloudApper AI Timeclock

CloudApper AI Timeclock is an advanced method of managing a company’s workforce that offers a novel alternative to conventional timekeeping systems. Its portability and adaptability are second to none, and they were specifically designed with the iPad in mind. CloudApper AI Timeclock allows for numerous methods of time acquisition, including facial recognition, PIN authentication, barcode/QR code scanning, and NFC support, all of which contribute to the app’s simplicity and precision. In addition, it works in tandem with other industry-leading HCM systems like UKG to keep all of your data in sync and your operations running smoothly. Employees can manage their own timekeeping needs with the self-service features provided by CloudApper AI Timeclock.


For efficient time and attendance tracking, choose the correct time clock model is essential. UKG’s InTouch DX, InTouch 9100, and InTouch RC+ are just a few of the dependable and feature-rich alternatives available. CloudApper AI Timeclock, on the other hand, stands out as a formidable choice for businesses looking for more robust features, customization options, and easy connection. CloudApper AI Timeclock revolutionizes employee tracking and management with its device independence, portability, different modalities of time recording, integration capabilities, and low cost.

Transform your time and attendance procedures with CloudApper AI Timeclock for UKG. Give it a shot today to see how much more efficient your workforce management system can be.

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