Water Finance and Management – The Role of CMMS within the Water Industry

Every successful business makes use of computerized maintenance management software to optimize their maintenance operations. These computerized maintenance management software, otherwise known as CMMS, helps businesses improve the efficiency of their work order management system. It does not only help with the compliance of safety standards in the workplace, but it also helps to manage critical assets more efficiently. The job of this tool is to simplify the management of enterprise assets and equipment, maintenance schedules, inventory and work order routing. 

Good CMMS software enables businesses to extend the life of assets, reduce equipment downtime and ultimately, improve the overall operations of your company. You are able to replace complex paperwork that wastes time, create requests, assign work orders, and resolve issues in seconds- all from a single platform. Because all of your data can be stored in a single platform, you can easily manage maintenance data over multiple work locations.

Why Do You Need CMMS?

There are multiple benefits to making use of computerized maintenance management software. Not only does it enable you to remain compliant with safety standards, but it also helps employees operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time visibility of assets and maintenance plans. Good CMMS software enables you to reduce the cost of operations throughout your entire business as it allows you to reduce equipment downtime and unplanned shutdowns. This is important because it prevents a lot of time being wasted on fixing any problems that occur, and instead devotes more time to establishing preventive measures that allow for the predicting and preventing of potential breakdowns.


This is also important because by reducing the amount of costly unplanned shutdowns, you are able to save money and use it in areas where it is more needed. Because the application allows your employees to access important data of past issues and how these issues were fixed, your maintenance team is able to quickly establish the most appropriate solution. 

If you make use of the right CMMS software, you can extend the length of the lifespan of your assets and inventory. You are also able to make sure that all of your assets are always adequately maintained, efficiently working and up to date. This ultimately ensures that you spend less money on repairing your equipment. You can also lessen labor related expenses and use that money where it is more needed. 

A very important benefit of using this tool is that it enables you to eliminate human error through automated tracking. This lowers the expenses of costly human errors as everything is digitized and thus you are able to record data without any human interference. Lastly, proper CMMS software enables you to monitor the performance of all of your maintenance operations. This way, you can identify your exact strengths, weaknesses, driving forces and restraining forces and work towards solutions to effectively resolve any identified issues.

Employee health assurance also accelerates team performance

The National Safety Council has found that in 2017 alone, employees lost 104 million work hours due to work-related injuries. Individual employees’ physical and mental fitness can hugely impact on the overall business performance. When employees get the assurance of a secured workplace, they can focus on the work without worrying about the surrounding environment and leave the work peacefully. To make sure that employees don’t see the workplace as a burden, utilize workplace safety compliance application.

The application helps to establish a safer workplace and does not even require additional administration to handle. It is a convenient workplace safety compliance management system that enables employees to ledger incidents, accidents, near misses, and visual observations on the go no matter where the incidents happen. With the adaptation of this platform, the resolving team can schedule audits, identify the issues, initiate corrective actions, and create benchmarks with detailed reporting at ease. It enables you to comply with safety standards, avoid penalties, and lower operational costs without any hassle.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software in the Water Industry 

When it comes to the water industry, being able to streamline organizational communication is extremely important. Inner city departments and county departments can utilize maintenance management software when it comes to water treatment plants, water distribution and wastewater treatment plants. Maintenance management software can also be used for recycled water plants and distribution, as well as the collection of wastewater and storm water. As already mentioned, CMMS ensures that you are able to access important data from a single platform, and therefore you can always stay up to date with regards to departmental projects, important dates and crucial deadlines. 


Applications like CMMS and Enterprise asset management software (EAM) enable its users to access their data systems even when they are offline as the solutions are cloud-hosted. Because of this, users are able to freely access solutions even when outside of the office, allowing them to work-on-the-go. This is particularly important in the water industry, as water utility workers are often on the move and require 24hr access to work-related data systems. 

Making use of CMMS software within the water industry also enables its users to complete maintenance tasks within the field and proceed to easily update any maintenance records, in real-time, all from their mobile device. This again saves workers a huge amount of time and contributes to the overall level of productivity as more work gets it done in less time. Using computerized maintenance management tools means you easily track and monitor assets from each of the departments in your organization. 

Asset management as part of this application enables water utilities to automate maintenance schedules and tasks which contribute to the increase of the life cycle of these assets. Integrating CMMS in the water industry allows you to easily comply with US Environmental Protection Agency’s safety standards as set out in the Safe Drinking Water Act as well as their Clean Water Act to avoid any violation penalties. Because everything is digitized through the use of this tool, you can eliminate the process of manually sorting through complex paperwork to find needed documentation.

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