Wellness Programs For Corporate That Work

Wellness programs implemented in corporate settings are able to yield extremely positive results when it is designed and implemented correctly. These programs are able to produce significant results pertaining to healthcare costs, absenteeism as well as the delivering of productivity gains and outcomes. Mental health interventions as well as physical health programs yield significant ROI in comparison to other wellness and lifestyle management initiatives. It is also important to note that the support from middle and senior management is crucial to success, especially when it comes to programs pertaining to mental health programs. Wellness programs that have been designed to target specific loss-drivers and restraining factors have proven to be the most successful types of wellness programs. 

Focused Programs 

As already mentioned, specially designed programs with specific selected objectives are destined to better succeed than any other general program. An example of this type of program would be for instance, a specially designed program for the reduction of absenteeism, disease management to reduce healthcare claim costs, as well as lifestyle programs to manage physical health issues. Health screenings, health surveys as well as health-assessments produce data that provides useful insights that management can use to identify specific health issues within the workplace and can thus design a wellness program that would best suit the company. 


On Premise Corporate Wellness Program Ideas 

On-Site Fitness Centers 

Although building an on-site fitness center within your office building is deemed as the more expensive way to promote physical fitness and wellness within the workplace, it is indeed a highly instrumental tool in recruiting and retaining healthy employees. Many companies that make use of on-site fitness centres often create fitness competitions and challenges for employees and employers that are rewarded by a certain incentive. This encourages employees to participate in fitness challenges and to ultimately, become more physically active. 

Employee Assistance Programs 

Employee assistance programs are designed to help employees and employers with any issues and/or challenges that are related to the mind. These programs are designed in such a way to provide effective confidential support to employees and employers with regards to issues of stress, depression, substance abuse and anxiety. Working within the corporate world can be extremely stressful, and so employees and employers often need extra assistance in order to cope with any mental struggles in order to perform at their optimum level. 

Wellness Challenges and Wellness Adventures 

Any challenges in the workplace that are related to wellness, ranging from health challenges to fitness challenges, are a great approach to take in promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyles within the workplace. These challenges help with the motivating of each team member, with the levels of interaction and engagement between colleagues as well as establishing and improving healthy habits. Scheduling monthly or annual wellness adventures for the office is also a great way to improve the levels of fitness and wellness amongst employees and employers. It is important to bare in mind that not all office members would be able to participate in physical activities, and thus both physical and mental wellness challenges need to be incorporated into office culture. 

Transit Options/Programs 

Establishing programs within the workplace that offer alternative modes of transport amongst employees and employers is a creative way of promoting and encouraging wellness. These programs consist of systems of bike sharing and public transport incentives. These kinds of programs contribute significantly to the levels of engagement and fun within the workplace, and promote a culture of environmental responsibility. 

Holistic Wellness Applications 

Holistic wellness applications used in the workplace are designed to tackle physical wellness, occupational wellness as well as social wellness. These applications consist of challenges for holistic activities pertaining to physical activities, the social wellbeing of employees and employers of the company and provides a platform for the improvement of job satisfaction and input. 


CircleCare Holistic Wellness App 

CircleCare is an excellent holistic wellness app that makes it fun and engaging to motivate and encourage your workforce to achieve their health goals and partake in custom designed wellness challenges. Employees are able to earn CarePoints by being active and burning calories, logging vitals regularly, learning and sharing experiences as well as taking and tracking medicine regularly. CircleCare allows you to easily filter, tag and manage users. Users are also able to quickly identify people who haven’t synced or are reporting a low level of activity or engagement and create a challenge group in less than 60 seconds. If you wish to learn more about this effective holistic application, contact CircleCare for more information. 

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