10 Signs it’s time to invest in ERP system for your business

Are you facing the following problems? If your answer is yes, then its time to implement an ERP system in your company.

There are hundreds of reasons may be your company needs to implement ERP software. We have shortlisted 8 key signs of your business which tells you it’s time to invest in ERP system.

Sign 1 – Accounting takes longer and is more difficult

If you are relying on paper-based or excel sheet accounting you must be required ages to reconcile financial accounts and get important insights.

Sign 2 – You don’t have easy access to data of your business

Generally, you don’t get access to instant insights of your valuable data.

Sign 3 – Your expenses are out of control

ERP software is streamlining many business components that have your valuable data which can address wasted time and money.

Sign 4 – Sales and customer experience are suffering

Proper use of CRM will increase your sale and can provide excellent customer service. You will also have the right information at right time to close more deals.

Sign 5 – Lack of communication between departments

Everyone from the company should be on the same page to perform best.

Sign 6 – Time-consuming inventory management

You will have the necessary numbers of products in the correct locations.

Sign 7 – Time-consuming business processes and workflows

Delay in business operations may cost your business. ERP software automates your regular workflows which saves your time.

Sign 8 – Lack of access when working remotely

No matter where are you, you should be able to work.

Sign 9 – Meets unique business needs

Every business has some unique needs, ERP provides flexible solutions to meet those needs.

Sign 10 – Can’t forecast demands accurately

ERP provides complete visibility into both supply and demand, allowing best-in-class companies to meet customer delivery requirements 96% of the time. Thereby retaining more satisfied customers.

Did you know that, for companies with ERP, the increase in profitability for the top 20% is more than twice that of average companies? So, if you are facing these signs, don’t hesitate to go for an ERP solution!

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