200 Corporate Employee Wellness & Engagement Ideas For Productivity

Corporate wellness Programs provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate and engage their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. Wondering why companies invest on them? According to research, engaged employees are 38% more likely to generate happier customer and business profit, 31% are more productive than others, and 28% tend to recommend their workplace to others.

If you are thinking of starting such a program in your company, but don’t know where to start, here is the 200 corporate employee wellness ideas for you.

Corporate Employee Wellness Ideas for Building A Healthy Workforce

1. Find Out your Employee’s Wellness Interest

A successful wellness program is one where everyone loves to participate. So, if you can diverse your wellness program based on your employee’s choice, it will be a win-win situation. Conduct a survey on your employee’s wellness interest. Find out who likes sport and who more into healthy cooking are. Use a simple questionnaire to get their opinion, based on their choice, so you can tailor your corporate employee wellness ideas which will be loved by all.

2. Select an Employee Wellness Manager

You can select a wellness manager from your HR personnel or from your employees. If you want to choose from your employees, you can conduct a poll, where the highest vote will get the position. Or you can put all your interested volunteer names in a jar, and select one randomly. Allocate a monthly budget for your wellness manager and reward their hard work at the end of the month.

3. Publish Wellness Newsletter

Publish a monthly/weekly newsletter about wellness. This includes wellness advice, recipes, experts’ interviews and food nutrients information in the newsletter. This will give your employees a solid direction to being healthy.

4. Create a Wellness Wall

Create a wall for wellness. Encourage your employees to post their personal advice, list of a fitness club, and rating of a fitness club and share new healthy recipes on the wall. This will create the essence of fun and collaboration among your employees.

5. Share an Inspirational Quote

Encourage your employees and staff to add an inspirational quote of the day, and share it with others. If you maintain a wellness wall, ask them to post an inspirational quote there, but if you don’t maintain a wellness wall, ask them to send an inspirational quote via email. Often, we get frustrated during work hours due to so many challenges, so an inspirational quote will help your employees to get rid of that work-life frustration and rejuvenate them with enthusiasm for work.

6. Create a Positive Culture

Create a common space for all of your employees to share their positive thoughts. Ask them to write positive things about their colleagues, express gratitude and thanks for the quality of their work environment. This will help you to create a positive culture across the organization.

7. Create a Random Chill Out Day

Create a random chill out day for your employees. Order healthy food, arrange sports competitions on that day and celebrate your recent achievement with the employees.

8. Encourage Reading

According to research, reading reduces stress by around 68%. Reading decreases mental decline for the elderly by 32%. Create a reading club. Ask everyone to participate, share their favorite books, share their thoughts on those books and ask their recommendation for a good read. You can build an office library for your employees and ask them to share their book recommendations.

9. Appreciate Healthy Employees

Set health goals for your employees and reward those who achieve them. This can be a badge like “Busy Bee”, “Man of Steel”, “The Achiever” or it can be a special treat or gift pack from your organization.

10. Day of Hard Work

Announce a day for hard work, make the environment completely silent and make sure everyone gets a chance to participate. At the end of the day, break the silence with coffee and snacks.

11. Personal Finance Training

Conduct training on personal financing for your employees. Teaching them how to handle their personal finance and how to save money for retirement will be the best investment from your side. Moreover, your employees will feel more engaged in your business, as they find you empathetic to their most common problem, which is money. Additionally, this training will be a life skill that will help them in every aspect of their lives.

12. Offer Company Discount

Offer a special discount to your employees on availing your products and service.

13. Offer Free Laundry Service

Offer free laundry service as a reward for your best employees. It will be more fun and exciting for them.

14. Surprise Your Employees with Healthy Food Basket

Pack a set of healthy food in a basket and surprise your employees with them. Put those baskets on the table with a special note from you. Show them you care for them and they will care for your business.

15. Encourage Employees

Encourage your top performer with a handwritten thank you note and celebrate your milestones with all of your employees. Recognize everyone’s performance with gratitude and tell them how important their work is for your business. Encourage them to give more to achieve more success for your business.

16. Offer High-Quality Food

Offer high-quality food in your office and discourage unhealthy food at your office. Tell your employees the bad effects of junk food and flavored drink. Encourage them to eat healthy food all the time. You can ban unhealthy food at your office, which will help them practice a healthy diet.

17. Offer Movie Tickets for All

Celebrate your business achievement with all of your employees. Offer free movie tickets for all. This will help you to create a strong team at your office.

18. Create a Gratitude Practice

Gratitude practice is good for employees’ health and fitness. People who practice gratitude are more likely to be productive, strong and possess a strong immune system. Encourage everyone to shout out their gratitude. You can also encourage your employees to send gratitude notes to their colleagues to express their gratitude to each other.

19. Encourage Standing Work Posture

At a stretch, sitting can cause chronic body pain, posture problems, diabetes, heart disease and many other health issues. Research shows that sweating at the gym is not enough, and one has to maintain a set of activities to stay fit. To overcome this issue, change your office desk into adjustable sitting and standing postures, so that your employees can work in both ways (standing and sitting).

20. Encourage Healthy Food

Ask your employees to eat healthy food. If you are serving lunch or snacks for your employees, make sure those foods are healthy and encourage your employees to eat healthy.

21. Hire a Healthcare Expert

Hire a healthcare expert who can advise your entire team on their diet who can set personalized goals and give personalized guidelines to your employees. Offering in a healthcare expert can bring health insurance costs down as your employees will be more knowledgeable towards healthcare. In addition to this, a healthcare expert can help them fight their health issues and stress that have a negative effect on employees’ performance.

22. Create a Worksite Clinic for Your Employees

An immediate medication can prevent a person from dangerous medical consequences. A worksite clinic can ensure your employees are well versed, are healthy and fit and can perform immediately whenever needed. In addition to this, employees will feel better, more motivated and satisfied if you can provide immediate healthcare service to them.

23. Use a Platform that Manages Health Benefits

Managing a wellness program across the company can be very complex. You can use a platform to manage your employees’ wellness program. Using a platform reduces hassle and adds convenience. Circle Care is such a platform where you can manage your wellness program seamlessly. Sending encouragement, rewards, motivation, health tips and creating collaboration with everything can be done from this application. You can set a goal for each of your employees and can monitor their performance. You can motivate inactive participants and encourage them to work more on their healthcare.

24. Start a Walking Challenge

Challenge is the most fun thing you can start at your office. Set a walking challenge for your employees. Reward those who can meet your challenge or daily walking goal. You can set weekly/monthly walking targets.

25. Encourage Various Physical Activities

Offer discount of healthcare facility for your employees, so they feel motivated when initiating healthy activities like admission to gym classes, Yoga classes, etc. All this physical activity will help keep your employees fit and help them to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

26. Create an Active Workforce Culture

Create an active culture across your office. This can allow for 10-minute breaks, setting up a timer for break activities, encourage short exercise, etc. These might sound simple, but all these activities will have a huge impact on your employees’ health. An active multigenerational workplace culture can help keep your employees safe from heart disease, chronic illness and many serious health issues caused by long time inactivity.

27. Set Up an Office Cafeteria

With busy work schedules, it often seems too hard to maintain a good diet. Some employees might feel successful to follow the diet chart, while others fail to do that as they had to manage their own lunch. Most often they used to go out of the office and avail lunch from a nearby restaurant without worrying about food effects on their health. Instead of allowing lunch outside, set up an office canteen at your office space. This can be fully free or subsidized. The canteen will only serve healthy food to your employees. This will save your valuable office time that used to be wasted due to lunch hunting outside, and on top of that, it will ensure your employees are having the right food for their health.

28. Share Stress Relief Tips and Techniques

Sometimes work can be stressful. This stress can cause some serious health problems and can have a negative impact on your employees’ productivity. Share stress relief tips and techniques to your employees. You can send weekly stress relief tips, create a short exercise before starting any meeting, or you can just share your tips and techniques to them. You can make a sharing and caring culture where not only you, but your other employees can share their own tips for stress relief.

29. Share Healthy Food during Meetings and Office Parties

Start a culture of sharing healthy food across the office. We often share fast food and sweet soft drink or unhealthy snacks to share to celebrate. Instead of those unhealthy options, offer healthy food that promotes good health. Replace fast food with fruit while replacing soft drinks with clean drinking water.

30. Hire a Nutritionist

Not everyone needs the same amount of nutrition. It varies from person to person. So, offering healthy food at your office is not enough. It might not make them unhealthy, but at the same time, it won’t be enough to fulfill their daily nutrition. Hire a nutritionist who can guide each employee based on their unique nutrition requirements.

31. Start a Weight Loss Reward Program

Rewards are motivating. Start a weight loss reward program at your office to encourage your employees. The duration of this program can vary depending on your choice. You can set up monthly targets to each of your employees and reward those who accomplish this, or you can set annual weight loss target and reward those who lose the most. To ensure everyone’s participation you can setup a digital board that shows the ranking. It will motivate others to be involved at your weight loss program.

32. Use an Interactive Platform for Wellness

Use a interactive platform to make your wellness program relevant to everyone. A wellness program is a support program that provides guidance to your employees. Using an interactive platform will truly engage each of your employees and can make a solid collaboration and monitoring system that can hardly be achieved through a manual system.

33. Create a Tranquil Space

Create a silent space for your employees where they can read books, take a short nap, read quietly, or do some stress relieving exercises.

34. Appreciate the Work-life Balance

Ensure a balanced work-life balance for your employees. Research found that long working hours have a bad impact on employees’ health. On the other hand, if you encourage a work-life balance, they could spend more time with their families and stay happy in their workplace.

35. Assign a Health Coach

Assign a health coach for everyone who can give good advice on how to stay healthy, how to follow perfect diet, tips and tricks for short exercise, etc. Since everyone is different, it’s a good idea if you can arrange a one-to-one session for all.

36. Encourage a Bicycle Friendly Workspace

Riding a bicycle has so many health benefits. Encourage your employees to bring a bicycle in the office. You can sponsor bicycle rental services for your employees and can setup a bicycle repair center.

37. Provide Discounts for Healthy Foods Sold at Work

Provide discount for healthy foods sold at your work. This will encourage your employees to have more healthy food from your office cafeteria. The healthier food they will eat the healthier they will be.

38. Find Accessible Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a good source for healthy and fresh food. Find out if you have any in your local area and take your team there. Have some great shopping and fresh eating experiences.

39. Reserve Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the Break Rooms

Keep healthy fresh fruits and vegetables in the break rooms. It will encourage your employees to eat healthy food every time.

40. Encourage a Healthy Recipe Exchange Program

Encourage your employees to share their healthy food recipes. This will create a collaboration among your employees, and at the same time, they will learn how to cook healthy food. It will enhance their habit of healthy eating.

41. Add Verity in Healthy Snacks

No one loves to eat the same food every time; we mostly get bored with it. Instead of offering the same healthy snacks every time, include some variety, so your employees will learn to love and accept them and stay healthy all the time.

42. Arrange a Bicycle as Office Transportation

Encourage your employees to use bicycles as an alternative to transport. Not only is cycling good for health, it is also good for the environment too. You can offer a bicycle day at your office where everyone will ride to their office using a bicycle. But before doing all that, make sure you have proper arrangements. Arrange a secure place for the bicycles and arrange a shower place for showering and keep a change room and store room for storing employees’ clothes. If everything goes okay, using a bicycle as office transportation will go a long way.

43. Discourage the Use of Elevators

Announce a day for no elevator usage. Encourage using stairs. This will eventually create a practice of using stairs, which is good for health. Along with the special day for stairs, encourage your employees to use stairs every day. Offer rewards and incentives for using the stairs instead of elevators.

44. Arrange a Multi-Sport Courtyard

Arrange your courtyard with multiple sports. Arrange some daily friendly competition based on interest. It will reduce the work stress and rejuvenate them with new enthusiasm. Moreover, friendly games and competition will help create a strong team within the organization.

45. Encourage a “Walking Meeting”

Walking is a good form of exercise. If your employees have to sit back at their table for the longer hours, it can hamper their health. According to doctors, an individual needs to walk at least 30 min a day, but due to huge pressure in the office, it can hardly be done. To ensure that your employees are meeting their walking goal, encourage them to walking meetings. This means they will talk to their supervisor or colleague while walking.

46. Post-Walking Map

To utilize your walking meeting, post walking maps almost everywhere in the office, so that your employees will keep updated about the walking places and can arrange their walking meeting by themselves.

47. Arrange a Work Stretch Break

At a stretch, work can tire some employees and can cause health issues. Encourage your employees to take 5-10-minute breaks every 90 minutes. According to research, short breaks are good for health and productivity. A 5-10-minute break will help your employees to come back with more energy for work.

48. Co-ordinate a Walking Club

Start a walking club. Start with small target and gradually match this walking target to fit your employees’ health. For better participation, announce the walking club information in every possible office communication.

49. Set Up a Smoke-Free Policy for All

Smoking is injurious to health. It hampers both the smokers and the non-smokers too. Set up a smoke free policy for all in your office, so each employee stays safe.

50. Co-ordinate a 5 Kilometer Running Club

Same as a walking club, arrange 5 kilometer running club for your employees. Arrange a restroom, so that employees can rest after meeting their running target.

51. Keep Some Footballs and Volleyballs Around the Office

Make it fun. Keep footballs and volleyballs around the office. It will energize employees’ moods and help them to stay productive and connected with the organization.

52. Start a Meeting with Physical Activity

Start your meeting with exercises like jumping jacks and squats. It will increase the productivity in the meeting and increase the blood circulation.

53. Offer Discounts to the Local Gym

Offer company special discounts to the local gym. This will encourage them to take part in physical activities. Once they start going to gym, their physical health and stamina both will improve.

54. Let in More Natural Light

Natural light is beneficial for your employees’ health. Many studies have found that an office with more natural light helps employees to stay happy, healthy and productive in the workplace. Besides, natural light can also be helpful for their healthy vision and it also prevents straining of the eyes. To bring natural light, place every workstation beside the window or within 20 to 25 feet of a window. Consider an open office plan where more light can come in. Remove cubicles that blocks light.

55. Make a Colorful Office

Spice up your office with different colors. It will boost up employee’s mood. Studies have shown that light colors like blue and green has a positive impact on employees’ performance. Using light wavelength color like blue and green improves efficiency, focus and overall well-being of employees. Based on your work environment color can be differ. Each of the colors have different significance. Apply them based on their benefits.

56. Add Plants

We all know the importance of plants in our life and environment. Adding plants can be mood boosting too. Keep a small plant in every office desk, so that your employees can look at it after a long working day. It will help reduce eye fatigue and keep them healthy.

57. Allow a 10 Minute Nap Time

Napping might sound unproductive, but it’s not. A simple minute nap can improve productivity, creativity and memory. Keep a comfortable chair in the nap room and allow a 10-minute nap time there.

58. Start Monday Morning with Exercises

Why not get the heart rate up before you involve employees in serious business? Start their Monday morning with a bit of exercise like Jumping Jack, squats, etc.

59. Encourage a Career Break

Sometimes work can be monotonous and can be too boring. It happens to everyone. Sometimes we want to get lost in the woods and want to forget the whole world to enjoy life. Allow a break for your employees, so they can take a long break from their work and come back with a more refreshed mind.

60. Fund an Employee Sports Team

Sports are a good source of fun and encouragement. Fund an employee sport team and organize annual inter-office sports programs to boost up productivity and mood.

61. Install a Standing Desk

Sitting can cause so many health issues like back pain, obesity and eye strains. Install a adjustable standing desk, so your employees can adjust their posture accordingly. New studies have found that adjustable workstations can increase productivity, mental concentration and improve overall health of employees.

62. Encourage Standing Meetings

Sitting around all day is not good for health. This can lead to unwanted obesity, back pain, etc. But you can’t ask everyone to stand and work. You can arrange a standing meeting for everyone.

63. Provide Incentives for Meeting Walking Goal

Set a goal for your employees. At the end of the week/month, award those who meet their goals. It will encourage employees to walk more and stay healthy. It will be best if you could set specific goals for everyone. Manually, it is not possible, but if you use wellness apps, your employees can set their own goals and you can monitor their achievements from a single dashboard.

64. Encourage Ergonomic Setups

A proper ergonomic setting can make your employees feel confident. Moreover, a workplace that encourages good posture with better heights and reaches can increase efficiency and productivity of the employees. In short, with an ergonomic setup, your employee will be more comfortable in working at your office. This undoubtedly makes your office more of a favorite place for employees. As a result, you will see a reduction in absenteeism, low turnover rate, improved employee morale and increased employee engagement.

65. Company Merchandise

Make your own merchandise like shirts, hats, wrist belts, rain jackets, etc, and give them to your employees. With your company merchandise, your employees will feel more attached to your business and you will get free advertising, too.

66. Meditation Class

We all know the benefits of meditation. Meditation improves focus, improves mood, increases productivity and reduces stress. Arrange a meditation class at your office, so that employee gets a benefit.

67. A Weekly Fitness Newsletter

Send weekly newsletter for your employees to enjoy. Use Google Alert for fitness content collection. At the end of the week/month, compile the best articles and tips into one email and send it to all of your employees to enjoy.

68. Encourage Collaboration

Make your workplace collaborative. Encourage everyone to help each other, make a group where everyone can share their thoughts, problems and where others can help and appreciate.  

69. Increase Employee Transfer Skills

Allow one employee to shadow other employees. This will create empathy in them as well as increase their ability at work.

70. Employee Referral Bonus

A class of people will bring A class people to your organization. Since you already hire good people, encourage them to refer for a new vacancy. Offer incentive or bonuses for offering good candidacy for the company.

71. Stand Beside Your Employees Hard Time

Everyone has to go through hard times at some point of their life. On those days we can hardly concentrate at work. Offer extra pay leave for those days, so that your employees can stay with their family, stay healthy and stress free. Moreover, this will help your employees to come back with more attachment for your business with more gratitude and encouragement.

72. Corporate Tour

Tour is a great source of fun and enjoyment. It reduces work-life boredom and refreshes the mind. Moreover, a tour is a great option if you want to create a strong team bonding. Arrange a tour program, it can be hanging around the city or be a complete corporate day out full of fun and excitement.

73. Corporate Dinner

Arrange a corporate get together party. Like corporate tour, arrange fun programs, raffle draws or an award program for the best employees. With more fun and achievement, your employees will feel more connected and engaged with your organization.

74. Employee Recognition

Recognize your employee performance. It will boost their motivation at work. You will find them more productive than before.

75. Performance Bonus

Who doesn’t love motivation? Give a bonus to your employees based on their performance. Announce the bonus at the end of the month or at the end of every week. You can reward them based on their performance, such as employee of the week, employee of the month, etc.

76. Celebrate Performance

Why not have pizza parties for a great performance celebration? Arrange a weekly meeting and announce the best performer in the meeting and celebrate it with snacks like pizza, cold drinks, fruits, juice etc.

77. Offer a Personal Development Book

Offer books; subsidize seminar and training for the personal development of your employees. They will grow professionally with you with your guidance.

78. Personal Development Training for Free

Offer personal development training like effective business communication, effective sales, six sigma certifications, etc. for the personal development of your employees. Offer it free, so they feel more connected to you and add more efforts for their own development.

79. Plan Weekly Meetings

Everyone wants to know where they are heading to. You might have a vision, but if your vision is not clear to your employees, then it might create confusion, distraction and frustration. In weekly meetings tell your employees where you are going, what specific goals you want to achieve, how much you have achieved so far and what specific contribution you want from your employees during this week. All these factors will help clear their confusion and let them work with more enthusiasm and motivation.

80. Raffle Draw

Who doesn’t like free gifts? Whether it’s for wining a contest or a birthday gift, everyone just loves them! If it is raffle draw it becomes more fun. Arrange a raffle draw for movie tickets, free lunch, etc.

81. Weekly Checkup

Check your employee’s diabetics, blood pressure, etc. once in a week. Ask them to keep record of their numbers on a regular basis with an app like CircleCare. This will help them better control their vitals and know how different activities and food habits effect their health.

82. One Day Remote Work

Coming to the office almost every day can be monotonous and boring. Make it more fun. Offer a one day remote, so your employees can enjoy their time at home and can work from their comfort zone.

83. Encourage Step Counts

Walking is a good form of exercise. The more steps you take the more calories you burn. On the other hand, sitting for the whole day can be detrimental for your employee’s health. Encourage them to walk more, offer step counts and announce badges for highest scorer. It will create fun, and at the same time, it will keep them healthy.

84. Recognize Employees on your Website

Who doesn’t love recognition? Recognition motivates employees, so make them more enthusiastic and passionate about their job. Recognize them on your company website, include their name and their achievements.

85. Create an Office Fitness Club

Create an office fitness club. Encourage each of the members’ valuable participation. Let them share their experience, thoughts and motivate them a bit to push each other to meet their fitness goals.

86. Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays are a special day for everyone. Celebrate your employees’ birthday with everyone. They will feel special and happy while feeling more engaged with your organization.

87. Semi-Annual Award-Winning Sessions

Awards are encouraging and motivating. Semi-annual awards can keep your employees busy to give their best for the award. Because everyone wants recognition, they love to share it.

88. Encourage Creativity with Collaboration Spaces

Find an empty space in your office; furnish it in such a way that makes the place cozy and friendly. You can draw something inspiring or creative, make it a collaborative space for all where everyone can meet, chat and talk about something creative.

89. Offer Flexible Work Hours

Flexible work hours are not a trend. Not everyone is an early riser and everyone isn’t nocturnal. Flexible work hours can fit within your diverse team. If you are following conventional timing, you can offer one day flexible work hours for your employees.

90. Set Work Priority and Encourage when Finished

Work with a proper objective can lead to success and motivation. This will keep your employees busy and engaged. Set a deadline, so they can push themselves to their highest ability to finish their work on time.

91. 20% Creative Thoughts

Offer 20% creative time for your employees. Ask them to work for their own project within this 20% of time. Who knows, you could get another great idea like Gmail and Ad sense.

92. No Talk Monday

Restrict meetings and chatting till noon on Monday. It will help your employees have more work done, which will refrain them from stress at the end of the week.

93. Social Media Break Time

Give short breaks for social media. Being social is not bad. It keeps your employees healthy and on the track all the time. Moreover, using social media for a certain time will refrain them to use it during working hours.

94. Collect Feedback

It is not your employees who need feedback and performance reviews. How your organization can grow faster is something you need to know. Ask for their feedback. It will make employees more engaged with the company.

95. Setup Idea Whiteboards

Set up a white board for writing down corporate wellness ideas. Ask your employees to contribute, and believe me, you will discover some stunning employee wellness ideas from them that will take your business to the highest level.

96. Offer Time-based Rewards

Set specific times to a certain task, and ask for reward in accomplishing them before the deadline. No doubt it will make your employees efficient and active. You can also add this time-based reward on their health goals. Reward those who can lose certain amounts of weight in a certain amount of time.

97. Organize a Goal Accomplishment Day

Announce a special day for goal accomplishment, organize a special party at the end of the day and recognize those who can meet it.

98. Bring a Counselor

Work-life can be unbalanced sometimes due to stress, workload and family issues. All these can cause huge mental effect. Bring a counselor in your office, and arrange a monthly counseling session for better mental health.

Employee Wellness Ideas For Personal Growth and Improved Mental Health

99. Create a Positive Work Board

Negativity kills. Set up a positive work board in the office. Ask your employees to write the names of those colleagues who helped them, or to write positive words for others.

100. Host Weekly Lunches

Weekly lunch parties are the best way to get close to your employees and establish bonding within them. Arrange weekly lunch parties.

101.Host an Acknowledgment Day

Arrange a day where everyone will acknowledge each other for the positive things they have gotten from them. It can be a little help like sharing headphones, or major help like taking them to the hospital. No matter what, acknowledging to each other will create a very positive environment within your office.

102. Co-ordinate a Reading Club

Books are the source of knowledge. Arrange a book club for your employees, where they can share their experiences, recommend books to others, share books and can have a discussion on recent read topics.

103. Set Up an Office Library

Set up an office library, so during break times, your employees can read books for their personal growth as well as to burn off some steams.

104. Set Up a Wellness Wall

Free up a space for your employees where they can post all kinds of wellness tips like healthy diet tips, weight loss hacks, food nutrition, etc.

105. Set Up a Vision Board

Set up a vision board where your staff can see where they are going, where their work is leading the company and why they are doing all these things. This will never let them get frustrated. Instead, it’ll make them motivated and focused all the time towards the company goal.

106. Keep a Thank You Jar

A simple thank you can mean a lot to us. Keep a thank you jar in your office, so each of your employees can thank each other for supporting and helping each other. At the end of this, many thanks will make them happy and feel more connected.

107. Invite a Wellness Guest Speaker

Invite an industry expert to clear up doubts and to motivate on how wellness programs can benefit each of your staff professionally and personally. It will encourage them more to be participative in your program.

108. Encourage Teams to Share their Success with Other Members

Not everyone is the winner in your team, but each of them can learn from each other. Ask your employees to share their professional success stories to their colleagues. It will motivate others as well as grow newcomers and struggling employees to succeed in their field and bring collaborative success for your company.

109. Encourage Sharing Huddle Stories

Success never comes in a day. It takes time with lots of huddles. So, along with the success stories, encourage your employees to share their huddles with others, so your staff can learn how to deal with hard times and move towards success.

110. Pay Staff to Volunteer

Allow your employees to volunteer social work. Social work is a great way of creating fresh and improved minds, which creates positive mentality.

111. Arrange a Corporate Outdoor Sport

If your teams are full of enthusiastic players, don’t let it go. Arrange a corporate outdoor sport where everyone can participate. Games are a good form of exercise and a great trick to build a strong team.

112. Make Free Hygiene Materials Available

Keep free hygiene materials like mouth wash, toothpaste and floss stick in the washroom. It’s a good idea to promote personal hygiene. It will help enhance your employees’ wellbeing.

113. Encourage Office Terrace Gardening

Encourage your employees to live in the fresh air. Encourage them for terrace gardening, ask everyone to contribute in the garden and spent some quality time in terrace gardening.

114. Allow Paid Leave on Birthdays

Birthdays are so special for all of us. Why not allow leave for this special day? Your staff will feel much better, happier and engaged.

115. Offer 90/15 Minute Work

Sitting at a stretch for more than 90 minutes is injurious for health. It can cause serious health hazards like high blood pressure, back pain, etc. Offer 15-minute walks after 90 minutes of work, so employees can stay fit and healthy.

116. Fatless Tuesday

Announce a day when no one will eat fat such as food like red meat, junk food, etc. Announce Tuesday as the Fatless day for everyone. It’s fun and healthy.

117. Set 100 Days of Learning Goals

Continuous learning is important for your employees as well as for your company too. The more skills they grow for themselves the more improvement you can see for yourselves. So, set a 100 days of learning goal. Arrange a meeting on what they have learned. Ask them to share their knowledge. This is how your whole team will become more skilled, more professional and smarter.

118. Set Up Team Learning Session

There are so many things to learn from others. If you can create such an environment, you can eventually create a collaborative environment in your office. Arrange a team learning session, so everyone can learn from each other and add a positive contribution.

119. Encourage Positive Communication in the Workplace

Negativity kills and creates bad politics in your office. Encourage employees to talk and think positive. Encourage them to give positive or constructive feedback rather than saying something directly negative.

120. Arrange a Stress Reduction Session

Who doesn’t get stressed at work? But stress is bad for one’s health. It can lead to high blood pressure and so many health problems. Arrange a session on how to reduce stress. Or just arrange a laughing club that reduce stress.

121. Set Up a Company Wide Mental Health Plan

You can see the physical wellness, but you can feel the mental wellness. Along with physical wellness mental, health wellness must for an energetic workforce. So, set up a companywide mental health plan that keeps your employees stress free, happy and energetic.

Corporate Wellness Ideas For Having Fun at the Office

122. Success Treat

Celebrate your company success with small treats like pizza, burgers or ice cream. Every time you meet your goal, treat all your employees. It’s fun and motivating.

123. Play some Music

Play some smooth melody music after lunch time for a deep relaxation, so employees get more energy and motivation. Keep the volume at an comfortable level, so that it doesn’t disturb anyone as well.

124. Set Rewards for Ride Sharing

It is just a fun, but build collaboration with each other. On the other hand, not everyone has their own transport. If your office doesn’t have any pick and drop service then this reward can be helpful for everyone. One will share ride for reward one gets ride and can reach on time.

125. Set Up Happy Hours

Take your team for a happy hour after a long stressful week, so they can start again with more power and motivation after the weekend or a long day.

126. Give Gift Cards for Major Accomplishments

Buy some attractive gift cards, put them in the jar and give them away to the employees who met their goals, achieved success and brought major accomplishments for the company.

127. Allow Half Days on Friday During Summer

If your business’ sales decrease in summer, let employees enjoy half days on Friday, so they can enjoy themselves during these slow growth days.

128. Offer a Casual Day

Ditch the formal attire once in a week. Let them wear casual outfits on those days. Casual attire makes it easy to have a walk or take a bicycle ride from home to the workplace.

129. Encourage Walking or Public Transport

Do not allow parking spots for those who live within 2 miles from the office. This helps encourage them to use public transport or take a walk to the office.

130. Office Lunch out for New Hires

Onboard your new hires and offer them a lunch outside the office. It will help them to ease up in a new environment and make them feel special.

131. Post Your Companies Mission, Vision and Values in the Office

Work can become frustrating if employees don’t have any ideas on why they are doing it, where their contribution is where to take their companies and what will happen next.  Mission and visions are the best way to describe those. Paste them on the wall that has more visibility like the boardroom, meeting rooms, etc.

132. Allow Employees Pets in the Office

Allow your employees pets in the office, so they can have multiple short walks at their free time. Pets also help to reduce stress, so why not to allow them in the office?

133. Organize a Chair Race

If your office is equipped with chairs that have wheels, why not organize a race using them. It’s fun, isn’t it? It will encourage team building mentality as well as release some stress after a long day at work.

134. Post your Companies Acknowledgement around the Office

Shout out loud to the acknowledgement you get from others. It’s your teams who have done it, who bring it for you, and are the main reason why you are getting reputation among your clients. Paste those great acknowledgements on the wall to make it visible to all.

135. Organize Weekly Fun Awards

Why giveaway those serious awards when you can have more fun with fun awards like Talking Tom for the employee who is talkative, etc.

136. Celebrate Employees Birthdays

Celebrate employees’ birthday with them at a restaurant within their department or the whole team. If you don’t allow an off day during that day, celebrate it with more fun, so they can feel connected with your company.

Celebrating Work Anniversaries of Employees are special, especially those who stay with you. Recognize their contribution; thank them for their stay and for their positive contribution towards the company. Send them personal emails and handwritten thank you notes. Reward their stay with gifts and celebrate it with others.

137. Celebrate an Obscure Holiday

This is not always important to offer a genuine holiday, but you can offer something different for fun. Avengers’ day, fruits day, etc.

138. Hire a Masseuse for a Day

A massage can be a big stress reliever. Hire one masseuse for a day and allocate a 15-30-minute session for each employee. If you have a big team, hire them for a couple of days.

139. Organize Random Gift Exchange between Employees

Everyone likes free gifts. So, if you can establish a culture, where everyone exchanges gifts on special occasions like birthdays, job anniversaries or for a good performance at work, it’s something that will create bonding within them.

140. Encourage Cubicles Customization

Let them organize their cubicles and reward them for the best setup. Have some fun while letting them show off their creativity.

141. Build a Game Room

Xbox, PlayStation and VR game zones can be great for stress relieve. You can arrange some indoor games too, like table tennis, foosball table, etc.

142. Arrange a Surprise Theatre Party

Why not have a sudden theatre party to watch movies. Surprise your employees with sudden movie plans. It will surprise as well as delight your team.

143. Reduce Health Insurance Premium for Active Employees

Reduce health insurance premiums for those who are physically active and workout every day. It will keep them encouraged to take care of their health, reduce your healthcare cost as well as minimize sick leaves.

144. Arrange Holiday Health Programs

The vacations always appear to be an excuse to eat food that’s not true for us. Instead of the usual junk food, provide green juices/smoothies on special holidays.

145. Offer Laundry Services

Let your employees know you care for them. Offer a laundry service in your busy schedule that picks their clothes and delivers them to your office at their desk. Undoubtedly it will be a great help for them and fun too.

146. Offer a Car Wash Day

Another way to show your seriousness towards employees. Hire a mobile car wash service right to your parking lot.

147. Offer a Recognition Badge System

Who doesn’t love recognition? Recognize your employees with cool badges. Try CircleCare App! With this app employees can send each other badges as a Kudos for their extraordinary efforts.

148. Appoint an Employee Wellness Manager

Arrange an election where each of your employees will vote for a wellness manager for a certain period.

149. Motivate with Tea

Lay out some warm water, tea bags and some wholesome treats. Find some inspirational quotes from a search engine and write them down on strips of paper. Put all the quotes in a bowl. Invite people to take a 15-minute tea break to enjoy a cup of tea and have each person take hold of one quote from the bowl.

150. Start a Facebook Group that Highlights Hikes around the City

Sharing photos of hikes is a good idea to inspire others to do the same. Ask people to contribute in the Facebook hike groups by sharing their photos. If continued properly, you can organize a group hike using this Facebook group.

151. Giveaway Comedy Show Ticket

Laughing is good for health, mostly for the heart. It’s a good way of stress relieve, too. Then why not give away some comedy show tickets after a long and stressful week.

152. Arrange a Coffee Walk

This is a great way to establish bonding and connection within your team. Ask your employees to have a coffee break in the morning or in the afternoon, but they have to pick up coffee from the local store. They can both have a coffee and a walk.

153. Encourage Cultural Inputs

Take a trip to the museum, theatre and art galleries. Ask for your employees’ participation. Name it a cultural trip.

Reward Employees for Being Friendly to the Environment Employees definitely deserve recognition since being friendly and keeping the environment peaceful and professional is no small task. Reward them, so other employees get encouraged.

154. Offer Donation Matching Program

Many renowned companies offer such programs. They offer to match any donations made by employees for social or humanitarian cause.

155. Arrange Mile a Day Challenge

Arrange a challenge program for the employees who can walk at least a mile per day. Check back at the end of the month and reward those who have the highest walking history.

156. Arrange a 7 Hours of Sleep Challenge

Another great content to run. Track how many hours employees sleep. They have to sleep at least 7 hours per day. At the end of the month the winner will receive a prize.

157. The 8 Glasses of Water Challenge

Water is a good source of energy and a very important element for the body. One human need at least 8 glasses of water per day for a healthy life. Arrange content on drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. At the end of the month the winner will receive a prize.

158. Arrange a Can Donation

Ask them for the can donation and reward those who donate the most cans. This will make them more responsible towards the environment both inside and outside the organization.

159. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Fitness Challenges

A challenge makes us motivated and gives us a reason to work. Throughout the daily, weekly and monthly fitness challenge, tell employees to track their fitness activity, and at the end of the month, reward those who meet the fitness challenge.

160. Healthy Cooking Contest

Arrange a different cooking contest that no one does: a healthy cooking contest. Ask each of your employees to cook their best healthy food, vote for the best one and reward the best cook who can make some delicious, healthy food.

161. Recipe Contest

Arrange a recipe contest. Reward those which is healthy and tasty. This will not only help them eat healthy, but also release some stress by trying out various creative dishes.

162. Arrange a Random Act of Kindness Challenge

Can your employees show kindness randomly? Arrange a challenge to make it a habit, ask them to track their kindness acts in Google Sheets. Check it at the end of the month and recognize the kindest hearted employee at your organization.

163. Arrange a 40 Days of Gratefulness Program

Ask your staff to share five things they are grateful for and write it in the shared Google Sheet. Continue this gratefulness program for 40 days. You will see a positive change in everyone after the program.

164. Arrange an Exercise Contest

Who can give the highest pushup, sit-up hero or can give the highest push up.  Recognize all of them with some cool badges like pushup master etc.

165. Arrange a Healthy Lunch Contest

When we eat a healthy lunch, we’re re-fueling our bodies with the nutrients we need to get us through the rest of the day. Motivate a healthy lifestyle and reward those who bring the healthiest lunch every day.

166. Set Up a No Work Allowed Employee Lounge

Why work for the whole day and why always talk about job and work? Encourage employees to talk about something else for a refreshed mind. Set up a “No Work Allowed Employee Lounge” where working and chatting regarding work is strictly prohibited.

167. Reward your Most Loyal Employees

Loyalty is priceless. Reward the most loyal employees who stay with your company for a longer period of time. Recognize their contribution and reward them. This will motivate others to stay and reduce your turnover rate. Offer a 3-month vacation for those who hit the 5 years of service, or you can offer specific bonus’ or rewards for staying for specific periods of time.

168. Offer a Fresh Juice for an Exhausted Worker

Cool them down, offer exhausted employees a fresh juice, so they can revive themselves again and start with a fresh mind.

169. Offer Flexible Paid Time Off

Make it open for the employees to choose how they wanted to use their paid time off like sick days, vacation and personal days.

170. Arrange a “Call an Old Friend” Program

Old friends are close to our heart. Why not arrange a challenge to call them up and have a little bit of great time with them?

171. Offer Healthy Incentives

Make it a little encouraging. Instead of giving monetary value, give them a 1-month free gym membership, or a basket of healthy diet, or a free health checkup.

172. Make some Healthy Smoothies for your Team

On a stressful day with lots of client management and field work a healthy smoothie can save your team from stress and re-energize them with more motivation and enthusiasm.

173. Maintain a Wellness Calendar

Plan your wellness program initiative for the next 6 months and make a digital copy of a wellness program plan as a calendar and share it to everyone. For physical attributes, paste it on the notice board, so everyone can see the plan and prepare themselves for the upcoming programs.

174. Start an Office Band

You must have employees who have good vocals and who have very good music skills. Don’t let them go, arrange an office band and enjoy their talent on different official occasions. Who knows, they might become so famous in the future.

175. Arrange Board Games

Bring some board games and dedicate the last office hours for board games. You don’t need to arrange it on a regular basis, you can arrange it once a year, or once in a month depending on your workload.

176. Set Up UV Light to Fight Sadness

Set up UV lights to fight depression at work. Some may suffer from seasonal depression, so UV lights can help them, too.

177. Set Up an Anonymous Suggestion Bar

Ask your employees to suggest how the company can improve more?  How can you improve your wellness program? Some may find it easy to suggest anonymously, so set up an anonymous suggestion bar and check them at the end of the month.

178. Create an Office Sports Team

Like an office band, you must have talented employees who were a good rugby player or a baseball player. Don’t let their talent die. Make an office sports team and arrange an intra-office tournament.

Corporate Employee Wellness Ideas For Healthy Living

179. Offer Dairy Milk, Almonds, Coconut Milk Throughout the Day

Announce the day for healthy food. Offer milk, almonds and coconut milk throughout the day to all your employees.

180. Take Healthy Cooking Classes

Teach your employees how to have healthy cooked food. Some may not know about proper diet, so some may find it difficult to cook such healthy food. Take a class on how to cook healthy food.

181. Incentive for not Smoking

We all know the demerits of smoking. However, you can’t force employees to stop smoking, but you can always give them an incentive for not smoking.

182. Provide Healthy Office Lunches and Snacks

Take a look at your lunch and snacks item and ask yourself if they are healthy or not. If not, then change the menu and provide healthy office lunches and snacks.

183. Create a Healthy Food Recipe for all

Create a healthy food recipe for all, so everyone can take benefits from it.

184. Bring in a Chef to Teach Employees a Healthy Cooking Recipe

Why not hire a professional for healthy food cooking classes? It will be fun and a great learning experience.

185. Arrange a Healthy Eating Club

Eating healthy shouldn’t be occasional, it should become a habit of everyone. Arrange a club where your employees can share their ideas about healthy food, arrange healthy food recipe parties, etc. At the end of the day, they will remain healthy.

186. Share Food Nutrition Tips

Not every food has same amount of nutritional value. Share nutritional tips that can be beneficial for our employees. It will help them eat healthy as well as make them feel good by knowing that you care about them.

187. Stop Offering Fast Food and Soda during Office Hours

Stop offering fast food and soda that are high on fat, salt and sugar at office. Both of these can cause short- and long-term health hazards as well as they make them feel bloated, puffy or swollen.

188. Incentivize for not Eating Fast Food

Eating fast foods or highly processed foods cases different health hazards that increases the risk of your organizations healthcare expenditure as well as increases the number of employee sick days. Like smoking, you can also offer an incentive for not eating fast food to keep your workforce away from consuming them.

189. Call for a Junk Food Free Week

A good idea is to discourage junk food. Call a junk food free week and reward those who can actually meet that. Appreciate those who tried at least.

Invite a Nutrition Specialist for a Speech Your employees can definitely get huge value from a nutrition specialist. They can ask direct questions, clear up their doubts and confusion, etc.

190. Share Tips for Back Pain

Long office hours often cause back pain. Share tips on how someone can avoid back pain, share exercise tips, food tips, etc.

191. Offer First-Aid Service

Select staff who are interested in learning a First-Aid service, train them and provide such services for emergencies.

192. Arrange a Quit Smoking Program

We all know its bad effect, tell employees and arrange a program for quitting smoking. Arrange sessions, counseling and advice and tips to help quit smoking.

193. Arrange a Quit Alcohol Program

We all know its bad effect, tell employees and arrange a program for quitting alcohol. Arrange sessions, counseling and advice and tips to help quit.

194. Provide a Fruit Bowl

Once a week sends a fruit basket to your employee’s entire desk. Or you can place it in your meeting room, so that during the meeting they can have some good food.

195. Install a Healthy Food Vending Machine

Install a vending machine for healthy food. Healthy eating is a practice that can be started from your workplace. Vending machines can be a very good idea.

196. Provide Non-Alcoholic Options at all Company Functions

Why offer alcohol when you are practicing healthy living and employee wellness? Maybe you have control over it, but some might lose their control, which can cause serious health issues, so provide non-alcoholic options in your company functions.

197. Invite a Dietician

Invite a dietician for counseling and sharing diet tips. Everyone has different diet needs. Only a specialist can figure it out and can give a perfect suggestion for that. If you have a large workforce, arrange a healthy diet session with the dietician where your employees can clear their doubts.

198. Arrange a Healthy Food Photo Contest

Offer healthy food photo contents. As employees to share the photo of the healthy food that they have taken this week. The best photo will win the challenge.

199. Open a Healthy Living Resource Center

Open a resource center for healthy living. The center will be filled with all the reliable content on healthy living. So that your employees can upgrade their knowledge on healthy living during their spare time.

200. Digital Wellness Program

If all these corporate wellness ideas sound great to you, next you will need a proper system to execute and monitor all of them. For that, you must try the CircleCare – Corporate Wellness App. With this robust application, you can communicate, execute and monitor all these 200 corporate employee wellness ideas like a pro. CircleCare provides a central dashboard from where you can monitor employee’s health, send them tips, send them badges, rewards, etc. just by a few clicks. You can see who is active, who is inactive and can give a little push so easily from this amazing application. CircleCare provides a platform to connect beyond the organization’s boundaries and makes it so easy for you to operate.

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