5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Assist in Business Decisions

By looking at real-time data, an Al system can help companies make better marketing decisions.

In the past 5 years, discoveries in AI, Deep Learning, and machine learning have made it possible for machines to process and understand information in ways we could never have imagined.

Here are five ways AI is making business decisions better:

Marketing Decision Making

In today’s customer-driven business world, it’s getting harder and harder to make decisions. Part of this process is getting to know what clients want and what they hope to achieve, as well as matching items to those needs and goals. To make the best marketing decisions, you need a firm grasp on how customers’ actions change over time.

All simulation and modeling techniques give accurate information about the personality of the consumer, which helps predict how the consumer will act. By collecting data in real time, analyzing trends, and making predictions, an AI system can help companies make better marketing decisions.


Al’s buyer persona modeling can help companies figure out the lifetime value of a customer. It can help organizations manage a lot of different inputs. Al can handle and control many things at once during a complicated decision-making process. It can quickly get and process a lot of data and give useful business insights at the same time. People get tired of making decisions, but systems don’t, which makes decisions based on AI faster and better.

Recommender System

A recommender system is a way for users to get suggestions about products or other things. Even though recommendation algorithms were first used for music content sites, they are now being used in a wide range of fields. In this case, an Al system finds out what a customer wants based on “explicit feedback” or “implicit feedback.” This information can help the company lower its bounce rate and make content that is more customer-focused.

Problem Solving

An expert system is a type of technology that tries to solve problems by imitating the knowledge and reasoning skills of an expert. This technology uses the ways that experts think to come up with data that includes an analysis of your situation and suggestions for how to handle it. This makes it easy to make the right choice and act quickly when worries and problems come up.

Opinion Mining

Al has been able to give reliable information to people who make decisions. In marketing, for example, Al has helped companies learn a lot about their customers, which has helped them communicate with them better. It also helps shops predict how much of a product people will want and act quickly on that information. In this way, opinion mining helps businesses figure out why people have the opinions they do. Most of the time, more than one customer has the same problem. When enough opinions are accurately collected and analyzed, the data can help organizations gauge and predict what the quiet majority is worried about. Al has made this process of mining faster and more reliable by automating it. This helps businesses make important business decisions.

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