Digital transformation is everywhere in today’s age. The top trends underpin the digital platform and set the stage for business innovation. There’s a myriad of tech trends we’re watching that will change the world once again. Here are the top 7 disruptive technologies that you should keep an eye on:

#1 Voice search rising

Whether you are saying “Okay Google” or “Okay Siri” (depending on which smart speaker you have) – voice search technology is changing our world. Voice-based search queries to becomes the new normal in the upcoming years with more interactions via Google’s Voice Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Gartner predicts, in future brands which redesign websites to support voice search will see a 30% rise in digital commerce revenue.

#2 Blockchain to find firmer footing

In 2017, blockchain took the world by a storm with cryptocurrencies. The time of blockchain is now closer than ever as the fintech industry is finally warming up to it. Very soon the banking industry alone will gain $1b in business value via blockchain-based cryptocurrencies.

#3 AI to become all-powerful

AI will be predominantly used to enhance decision making, improve customer experience and reinvent business models. Gartner predicts it has the potential to create 2.3 million jobs.

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#4 Bot will be the new hot

Advances in natural language processing will make chatbots much better one of the major disruptive technologies in marketing, and all large enterprises will have deployed at least one.

#5 IoT to be omnipresent

IoT would be present in 95% of devices for new product designs very soon, Gartner says, with endless possibilities – data center monitoring, HVAC & building maintenance, supply chain management, home automation.

#6 Fake news will continue to simmer

As AI and machine learning systems become better at categorizing the content of images faster and more consistently than humans, the majority of people will consume false information.

#7 immersive experiences, AR and VR

The final piece of disruptive technologies is AR and VR. Expect more of immersive experiences in every field of productivity, visualization, design, and training.

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