Benefits of Combining Google Analytics and Android

Isn’t it so hard to keep accumulating papers that contain different information about your company, its profile, your customers, and a whole lot more? Don’t you just want to be able to access one common platform or drive and organize all documents accordingly? Well, if your answer is yes, then Google Analytics is probably the best solution to all your “paper problems.”

Most social media marketing companies, like social media marketing in Kansas City, continuously need to monitor documents and real-time data in order to keep track of the latest trends, web page visitor count, or website growth. Because of all this, Google has come up with a cloud that can help organizations store, manage, analyze and interpret, and even disseminate data without going through so much hassle.

Google Analytics is a free web tool designed by Google to help you analyze and interpret your web page’s traffic and growth. If you run a marketing company, your website is definitely one of your most valuable assets. Hence, Google Analytics is an essential tool in helping you manage your website traffic, your online presence, and your digital marketing effectiveness. In some cases, you can also use Google Analytics to help you analyze other areas in your marketing strategies that need more improvement and innovation.

Today, Google Analytics has made itself available in different devices like iOS and Android. This means that you can access your analytics all the more, with multiple devices, anytime and anywhere. The Google Analytics app makes it easy for you to get the best out of everything, no matter what type of device you’re using. Google has made it compatible with different tools that adjust its setting (display, navigation, touching, and swiping) depending on what device you’re currently using.

Unlimited Google Analytics

Through mobile apps, you can now access your web analytics anytime and anywhere you want. Google provides free, unlimited, and uninterrupted analytics reports for several events or segments. Not only that, but it also provides you with notification effectiveness, crash data, deep link performance, and other services by Google.

Real-Time Data Updates

With Google Analytics on your Android device, you can access real-time data anywhere you want at any time of the day. Don’t have time to check your web traffic at home because you might be late for work? Worry not, because as long as you have the analytics app on your mobile or tablet device, then you can definitely use it; monitor and interpret your analytics data while on your way to work, before going to work, or even after work.

Aside from that, not only can you view your data through any device, but you can also store data in your cloud. The app allows you to store and synchronize data even after a person [who you might be collaborating or working with] has gone offline. Accessing, storing, and synchronizing data has never been this easy! You won’t be needing any other complicated services, apps, or websites because Google Analytics + Android has it all for you right at the tip of your finger.

Secures All Your Data

Have constant fear that your data might get lost, corrupted, or deleted by accident? With Google Analytics, you can start leaving that fear behind! Google Analytics + Android allows you to safely store your data in a shared cloud or drive where you can also access it and disseminate it when needed. It can act as your analytics report app and online hard drive all in one.

Advanced Cloud Messaging

Do you want to send promotional, subscription messages to your customers directly? With this app, you can instantly send messages to any device, as long as they’re part of the server-device connection. This advanced cloud messaging allows you to target specific messages and to whom you wish to deliver the message.

Advanced cloud messaging is not only convenient, but it also increases your chance of establishing an online presence effectively and efficiently.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know some of the most basic benefits of incorporating Google Analytics with Android, what do you plan to do next? Are you convinced that these tools/benefits can help you generate your business’ web traffic and convert visitors into users? Find out yourself by initially installing and utilizing your own Google Analytics now!

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