Benefits Of SAP HANA To Small And Medium Sized Businesses

SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is an enterprise resource planning software that uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short time. The main function of this system as the database server is to store and retrieve data as required by the application.

It helps to perform advanced analytical operations such as predictive analytical data, text analysis, spatial data analysis, streaming analysis, graph data analysis and even serves as an application server with extract, transform and load capabilities.

The key factor that separates HANA from its previous generations SAP systems is the in-memory and column-oriented database which sums the online analytical programming system and online transaction processing system into a single system.

Many small and medium-sized businesses move to the cloud because it makes their life easier while saving money. Cloud hosting allows you to harness your vendor’s infrastructure and expertise in a stable, efficient and cost-effective environment. Small and medium business can put aside all the worries that come with running a data center, such as physical security, climate control, hardware failure, upgrading and service equipment. Like large businesses, SAP HANA also benefits small and medium-sized businesses.

Here are the benefits of SAP HANA for small and medium-sized businesses,

1. Cost-benefit

The cost of SAP hosting involves a complex combination of factors that go well beyond hardware. Small and medium businesses which have already invested in their own hardware, licenses, facilities, staff and so on want to get the most out of their investment while maximizing the SAP HANA cost benefits of cloud migration. In some cases, this can mean a hybrid cloud bridging strategy. However, without the right vendor, this can delay your transition to a managed cloud model in the short term.

2. Performance

The speed of SAP HANA helps small and medium-sized businesses to achieve maximum benefits with its data, as for instance, the small team can run multiple jobs without waiting for one to complete. It can be run as many times to get refined results. It helps in time-driven and complex business activities such as execution, reporting, real-time planning and various analytics of live data as well as improved forecasting and prompt period chasing.

3. Efficiency

The user interface of SAP HANA makes a user-friendly version of real-time business insight and data on any device which gives it a credible business advantage over anytime and anywhere. It helps to execute several transactions using a single app with fewer clicks.

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4. Optimum data management

The operation monitoring cost can be greatly reduced with the usage of SAP HANA. This helps in avoiding data delays which can bring the question to organization data reliability. It helps to make a quick technologyness through enhanced visibility.

5. Simplification

The simplification of SAP HANA helps in reducing issues and improve the reliability of the data across functions.

6. Ownership management

SAP HANA is a cost-friendly option for small and medium business as one is able to join all the analytical and transactional capability of a diverse system into a single source which drives to sensitive and down to business making. The benefits of cross-functional transparency enable a reliable and dependable workflow. The ability to access information in the various system and work cross-functionally helps to get real-time insights and analytics into the data across the organization.

7. Innovation

SAP HANA helps small and medium businesses in cloud adoption through cloud-based modelling. The cloud offers a platform for different software vendors to offer magnificent products that sum up and extend its ability.


SAP HANA has completely revolutionized database management through its simplified operations and monitoring and it helps small and medium-sized businesses to maximize their performance.

About the Author: Nilesh Shah

The author of this article is working with Accely, providing customer flexible, rapidly deployed, end to end Enterprise Resource Planning, Mobility Solutions, E-Commerce and Business Analytics solutions through the SAP suite of applications and other leading technologies.

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