Boeing in Talks to Acquire Spirit AeroSystems

The illustrious American aerospace firm Boeing is presently in talks to acquire Spirit AeroSystems, an important supplier that was formerly an affiliate of Boeing until its 2005 sale. One of Spirit AeroSystems’ most notable contributions has been the production of the fuselages for Boeing’s Max aircraft. Boeing is currently facing more scrutiny due to its production procedures and quality control standards, which is why these conversations between the two aircraft titans are taking place at this moment.

As part of its long-term strategy to improve aviation safety and overall quality, Boeing is considering acquiring Spirit AeroSystems. Boeing hopes to help its important partner Spirit AeroSystems overcome the difficulties it has been having due to quality concerns that have affected Boeing’s production capacity by thinking about reintegrating Spirit AeroSystems into its operations. Some see this as a way for Boeing to finally get to the bottom of their continuous quality and operational problems, which include more recent occurrences like the door plug issue on an Alaska Airlines flight.

The Wall Street Journal reported first on the talks between Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems, suggesting that Spirit had hired financial consultants to look at possible strategic options and had begun early negotiations about a purchase by Boeing. Spirit AeroSystems is still wary of committing to anything at this stage, even though it has recognized these conversations.

By purchasing Spirit AeroSystems, Boeing is breaking away from its long-standing practice of outsourcing the manufacturing of its airplanes. This change is happening at a time when Boeing is being closely examined for its quality control procedures, which is making many wonder how much outsourcing the corporation does. Boeing CEO David Calhoun has admitted that the company may have relied too much on outsourcing in the past.

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