Does Colorado Have a National Football Team?

The United States is a country that almost breathes football. Football is an integral part of American life, from the National Football League through college football and beyond. However, when discussing national football teams, the FIFA World Cup in soccer is frequently brought up as an example. Does sports-crazy Colorado even have a professional football team? Let’s go deeper into this interesting mystery.

The National Football League (NFL)

One must first learn the fundamentals of American football. In the United States, the National Football League (NFL) is the pinnacle of professional football. The National Football League may have teams from different parts of the country, but it does not serve as a true national squad. Instead, there are 32 teams in the league all vying for the Super Bowl trophy.

Colorado’s NFL Teams

The Denver Broncos and the Colorado Crush are both National Football League clubs that call Colorado home. The Denver Broncos are a legendary franchise in National Football League history. Broncos Country is home to the loyal fans of the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

In contrast, the Colorado Crush play in the Arena Football League (AFL). Despite being called the “State Team,” it plays arena football rather than traditional gridiron. The regulations and field size of arena football are different from those of outdoor football.

The Denver Broncos and the Colorado Crush are both professional clubs, but they play only in domestic leagues, hence they do not represent Colorado abroad.

International Football

The same holds true if we expand our view to include American football played in other countries throughout the world. squad USA is the United States’ national football squad, which competes in the IFAF World Championship and other international tournaments. These tournaments are very similar to the FIFA World Cup in soccer, although they receive less attention owing to the lack of popularity of American football outside of the United States.

Talented Colorado football players may be selected to play for Team USA, but this is different from establishing a separate Colorado national football team.

High School and College Football

Colorado’s high school and collegiate football programs are nationally renowned. Collegiate football teams like the Colorado Buffaloes and the Colorado State University Rams have devoted fan bases, while high school football games often draw thousands of spectators. But these squads just represent their own universities and do not compete on a national level.


In conclusion, the state of Colorado does not have a “national” football team. The National Football League has a large number of players from the state, and the high school and college football scenes in the state are both active and successful. Unlike in international soccer, however, Colorado does not have a separate national football team. To show their support for American football, Coloradans instead attend NFL and college games and throw parties.

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