GM has a car called “Hermès” to compete with Rolls-Royce

General Motors (GM) – Get General Motors Company Report seems to have finally come up with a car that will put it back in the same league as Rolls-Royce and Bentley as a maker of high-end luxury cars.

One might be tempted to say that it is a group of people who make hand-made vehicles. The idea behind the brands in this club is that each car that comes out of their factory is unique. The cars have nothing in common. Each customer can make their car look the way they want it to. It’s made to fit.

GM just showed off the Cadillac Celestiq, its second all-electric luxury car after the Lyriq, in order to join this exclusive group. The car is meant to change how people see the Cadillac brand and bring it back in line with its famous slogan, “the standard of the world.”

GM wants to change the way people talk about the Cadillac brand

This concept car was just shown on Instagram by the group.

It is a large, high-end electric sedan that the company hopes to sell by 2024. The design is based on the legend of Cadillac. It has lines that look like they came from the future, especially in the back, where two pairs of boomerang-shaped LEDs are used as optical groups and as real styling cues on the sides. The back of the car is very low, but because it is so long, it looks like a cross between a 4-seater coupe and a hunting station wagon.

The designers of Celestiq went back in time to look at V-16s from before the war and the 1957 Eldorado Brougham to get ideas. Less than 400 Eldorado Broughams were made, and each one cost at least $13,074. A Rolls-Royce Silver Wrath sold for $9,000 at the time. Taking inflation into account, those numbers would be worth about 10 times as much today.

“Tony Roma, the chief engineer of the Celestiq, said in a press release, “These cars were the height of luxury in their time, and they helped make Cadillac the standard of the world.” “The Celestiq show car, which is also a sedan because that’s the most luxurious way to drive, builds on that history and captures the spirit of arrival that those cars had.

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