How Do You Generate More Leads With Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is about automating the routine and repetitive tasks associated with lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and creating and maintaining a marketing lead database. Many companies are turning to marketing automation software to support greater lead management efficiency. Ready to learn more about them? Here are the six most important elements that drive results and how they work:

#1 Collaboration With Sales

Leads scoring helps determine which leads are ready for sales, and can generate a 20% increase in sales opportunities. Now instead of chasing leads off, sales can talk to them when they are ready to make a decision.

#2 Email Drip Campaigns

60% of customers read marketing emails. By segmenting prospects based on their demographic and behavioral data, marketers can produce targeted autoresponder campaigns. Email is also 3x more likely to prompt a purchase than social media.

#3 Landing Pages

Drip campaigns send leads to landing pages where they provide their contact information in exchange for relevant, valuable content. Using automation in conjunction with landing pages can result in conversion rates as high as 50 percent.

#4 Personalization & A/B Testing

3 out of 5 companies in the US say A/B testing is very valuable for increasing conversion rates. Testing can uncover which image or headline appeals most to your audience. Personalization can pull data from a prospect’s profile and insert it into landing pages or email copy. Personalized emails generate 6x the revenue of non-personalized emails.

#5 Reporting & Analytics

Whether you are working at an agency or as an in house digital marketer, in all likelihood, you are spending at least one day every month on your Google Analytics (GA) account to pull together reports for various metrics of your digital marketing activities and campaigns. By automating this reporting and analytics you can easily gather powerful insights on how to maximize their ROI and generate better quality leads without spending a minute of your time.

#6 Website Event Tracking

Your website visitors are leaving valuable clues of their interests and readiness to buy every time they visit your web properties. Are you capturing those events and using them to make the adjustment to website or following up with your segmented customers? Tracking and analyzing these events will help convert them to purchase in a much faster way.

It is now essential for businesses to move towards marketing automation in order to streamline their workflow and enable their marketing team to take bring in more customers and offer a convenient customer experience.

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