How important is it for a leader to make sound decisions?

Making sound choices has been front and center throughout this leadership blog during the year 2022. Let’s finish up this discussion by bringing it to a close with a thought-provoking quip from a well-known authority on the subject of leadership. If you aspire to be an excellent leader, you need to have the ability to make sound choices. In the long run, poor decisions will lead to even worse issues.

“The vast majority of debates on decision making are predicated on the assumption that only senior executives make decisions or that only the decisions of senior executives matter. This is a terrible error.”

– Peter Drucker

Every leader has to make a lot of decisions

According to what Peter Drucker is arguing, if you are in a position of leadership, you are required to make decisions. It is an essential component of any role requiring leadership. It’s possible that you’ve asked yourself, “Am I a leader?” A straightforward response to this question is that if you are in charge of anything or anyone, then you are in a position of leadership. Be sure that you are capable of making decisions, and that they are good ones. Keep in mind that the decision not to make a decision is still a decision, even if it is the decision to do nothing, which is almost always an unacceptable option.

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What are the consequences when leaders at lower levels make poor decisions?

The worst possible outcomes are brought about by inexperienced leaders taking poor decisions. Extremely negative outcomes are possible if senior and executive leaders do not intervene to prevent them from occurring. In order to demonstrate the relevance of this argument, I will offer a real-world scenario. In 2018, a consultant issued a warning to a property management company regarding the state of their buildings located in a Miami complex. The notice was related to the fact that the structures had not been properly maintained. It stated that there was “alarming evidence of serious structural damage to the concrete slab below the pool deck” and that there was abundant cracking and crumbling of the columns, beams, and walls of the parking garage that was located underneath the 13-story building. Although plans were developed and reports were submitted, it was determined that the work would not be finished in time. On the night of June 24, 2021, the buildings fell in the middle of the night, taking the lives of around one hundred people. This catastrophe could have been avoided if the leaders responsible for the execution of the plan had made better decisions and acted more quickly.

It is necessary for all levels of an organization to make sound decisions

Peter Drucker is bringing to our attention the fact that important choices are not just made at the most senior levels of a company. Decisions made at the senior executive level are, without a doubt, of the utmost significance. Impacts, whether favorable or bad, are also created as a result of decisions taken by leaders at lower levels. Leaders at the execution level are given autonomy in organizations that perform well, and they use that autonomy to make sound judgments. On the opposite side of the spectrum, lower-level leaders can be prevented from making decisions, or they might lack the training necessary to make sound judgments. Instead, individuals are prone to making poor choices that result in unfavorable effects. Bad choices made by leaders who are not in charge of executive duties can have disastrous consequences if they are allowed to stand without being challenged.

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Empowering and educating your leaders to the point that they can make sound choices is essential

How is it possible to avert a situation like the one that occurred in Miami? Empower your leaders and provide them with the necessary training so that they can make sound choices. If you decide to make this investment, you will be astounded by the outcomes that your team is able to produce. Your team will be in a better position to succeed both now and in the future if its leaders make a greater number of sound judgments.

You will become a more effective leader as a result of  TWW!

I sincerely hope that you will accompany me on our mission to nurture future generations of influential leaders. The world is in dire need of more exceptional leaders at every level. Leaders, whether they be women or men, who exude self-assurance, clarity, and inventiveness in their work. Now is the time to step up and become the leader that the world requires. Let’s go The Whole Way, shall we?

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