How Low Testosterone Significantly Affects Your Health

There have been findings in research about the relationship between low levels of testosterone and the overall health of men. Testosterone is a hormone found in all of us but men have more than women. This hormone aids in maintaining a bunch of bodily functions in men like sperm production, sex drive, fat distribution, and muscle strength just to cite a few.

The body begins producing testosterone at puberty and does it less when men reach the age of 30. Each year over after 30, the levels of testosterone go down at a rate of one percent per year as a natural result of aging. As aforementioned, testosterone helps in maintaining vital functions of a men’s body thus, keeping a stable level of the said hormone is important for men’s health. Here is how having decreased levels of testosterone significantly affects your health.

Changes in physical appearance

There are a variety of changes that can happen with your body once testosterone production lessens. One of which is an increase in body fat while also weakening your bones and decreasing your body mass.

Low testosterone is linked to obesity. In fact, in one study it was found that it is 2.4 times higher for obese men at the age of 45 and over to have low testosterone while it is 2.1 times higher for men with diabetes. Although experts do not suggest that obesity and diabetes directly causes a decrease in testosterone, but the other way around, where people with poor general health develop low testosterone.

Emotional changes

Another aspect that low testosterone levels can affect but can be treated by bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men is the emotional change that it brings. Testosterone is a hormone that also affect emotional regulation. This condition can lead to sadness or worse, even depression. Some people have experienced trouble with concentration and memory and also had lower motivation and self-confidence.

Sleep disturbances

Aside from low energy, decreasing testosterone also causes insomnia and changes in one’s sleeping patterns. And having a disrupted sleeping pattern may expose you to other risks like having a stroke.

Sexual function

Testosterone is most responsible for men’s sex drives. This means if there is less testosterone to go around then there is less drive for sexual activity. 


The health of most adult men largely depends on their hormone levels. Thus, it is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle so your body can depend on itself to function as well as it could as you continue to age.

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