How much more women in California pay for car insurance vs. men?

Insurance premiums for automobiles in the state of California are based on a number of criteria, including the policyholder’s age, driving history, and geography. Another aspect that might play a role in determining the cost of auto insurance is a person’s gender. In the following paragraphs, we will investigate the extent to which the cost of auto insurance for California women is disproportionately higher than that paid by males.

Prices for Auto Insurance According to Gender

It used to be normal practice for auto insurance companies to charge males greater premiums than women for the same coverage. This conclusion was reached on the basis of statistical evidence that demonstrated males had a higher incidence of being involved in vehicle accidents and exhibited riskier driving behavior. On the other hand, California made history in 2019 by becoming the first state to outlaw the use of gender in the process of establishing auto insurance prices.

It is now against the law for auto insurance firms in the state of California to consider a person’s gender when determining premiums for their customers. This indicates that men and women should be paid the same prices for auto insurance, supposing that all other aspects of the policy are comparable.

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The Effect of the Prohibition on Rates Determined Based on Gender

On January 1, 2020, the prohibition on charging different rates for males and females in the state of California went into force. It is still too soon to determine the full impact of the ban, as car insurance rates are determined by a variety of factors, and the ban on gender-based rates is just one of the many changes that have occurred in the car insurance industry over the course of the past year. Nevertheless, it is still too early to determine whether or not the ban will be successful.

Yet, there is a possibility that the prohibition on charging different premiums based on a driver’s gender may result in some adjustments to the auto insurance prices paid by men and women. As a result of the new restrictions, insurance firms are expected to change their rates, and some industry specialists believe that this will result in lower premiums for males and higher premiums for women.

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A Look at Some of the Influencers on Auto Insurance Prices

While gender may no longer play a role in the process of setting auto insurance premiums in the state of California, there are still a great deal of other aspects that may play a role. The following are some of the most critical considerations:

Age: Age is a factor in auto insurance prices, and drivers under the age of 25 and beyond the age of 65 are often required to pay greater premiums than those in the middle of their driving careers.

Driving History: Drivers who have a previous record of being involved in accidents or receiving traffic tickets are regarded to be higher-risk and may be subject to paying higher premiums.

Location: Drivers who reside in locations with high rates of vehicle theft or accidents may pay higher rates because of the location in which they live.

Driving Record: The type and model of the vehicle may also have an effect on the prices, since some automobiles are seen as having a greater potential for damage than others.

Credit Score: Insurance firms are allowed to make rate decisions based on customers’ credit ratings in some jurisdictions, including California.

It is essential to keep in mind that not all auto insurance providers assign the same amount of weight to each of these aspects, and some providers may give some aspects more importance than others.

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Car insurance comparison shopping

When looking for auto insurance in the state of California, it is vital to compare the prices offered by a number of different providers and to take into account all of the aspects that might have an effect on premiums. Using this information may assist you in locating the most suitable coverage at the most reasonable cost.

If you provide information to insurance companies that is incorrect or misleading, this might result in a denial of coverage or the termination of your policy. For this reason, it is crucial to be honest and accurate when submitting information to insurance companies.


While the state of California has made it illegal to base auto insurance premiums on a person’s gender, there are still a great number of other variables that may have an effect. While looking for auto insurance, it is vital to compare policies from a number of different firms and to take into account all of the aspects that might have an effect on premiums. Regardless of your gender, you may acquire the finest coverage at the most inexpensive price if you do thorough research and give serious attention to your options.

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