How Roof Lifting Can Breathe Life Back to Old Warehouses

Business, as usual, is booming worldwide, which is why more and more companies may need to expand and look for bigger warehouse spaces. LSCR is a commercial real estate company based in Kansas that caters to the needs of businesses needing facilities, spaces, or distribution centers, so if you’re currently on the hunt for one, you may want to consult with them.

However, as for some businesses, one space or facility can never be enough, considering today’s fast-growing and ever-changing e-commerce industry. This is why roof lifting is an important part, act, or process when it comes to expanding businesses. Before fully diving into how roof lifting can breathe life back (most especially) to old warehouses, let’s discuss what roof lifting actually is:

What is Roof Lifting?

Roof lifting or roof-raising refers to the process of taking an old or existing building, facility, or establishment with low clearance or ceiling and lifting the roof in order to create a high-ceiling warehouse. This typically applies to any old and existing establishments with insufficient or tricky ceiling height.

Lifting ceiling rooves allows businesses and tenants alike to transform an existing, obsolete space into modern facilities perfect for any type of storage – whether perishable or not. If anything, roof lifting may be the answer to all your storage problems. Has it ever crossed your mind to relocate your facilities or add a new space as you expand the business and its operations? Scratch that! Because roof lifting can definitely save you a lot of time, effort, and cash. After all, moving operations can cause you an incredible amount of money.

Advantages of Roof Lifting

Now we’ve identified what roof lifting is, it’s time to enumerate some of its best advantages and how it can breathe life back into old warehouses:

Maximizes Storage

With roof lifting, you can make and get the most out of your old, existing warehouse space. More than its square foot area, your cubic area is expanded twice or three times more, which gives you enough (or even more) space to store goods and other products.

Creates Opportunities

More than maximizing spaces, roof lifting also creates opportunities for adaptive reuse. Instead of thinking that your old building is up to no good, you get to revamp and use it in so many other ways once you’ve finished roof-raising or renovating. You can, perhaps, add a mezzanine or a second floor for more storage, or could be a possible office on top of your warehouse operations, convert them into retail facilities, and so much more.

Also, it helps convert buildings into something much more than just outlived and useless establishments. If anything, it allows such facilities to transform into modern, high-value business assets that guarantee [higher] income generation.

Faster Construction

Fearing the sudden halt in operations once you begin roof lifting? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Because with roof lifting, there’s faster construction, which, in turn, minimizes the disruption it can cause to your overall business operations. Lesser downtime is expected as the roof can be lifted or revamped without completely vacating the area.

Other Benefits of Roof Lifting To Your Business

  • It’s cost-effective. You need not worry about lashing out large amounts of money because roof lifting reduces development and constructional costs.
  • Business as usual. You can, and you may remain within your facility while the process of roof lifting is on-going. However, take safety precautions, just in case.
  • It’s environment-friendly. You get to reuse and recycle your entire roof. In turn, this also helps you save your existing lighting, plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, and a lot more.
  • It improves your building’s marketability. Updating and expanding your space helps you acquire and entice new tenants.

Wrapping Up

Warehouse roof lifting is definitely much more cost-effective and efficient as compared to acquiring new space, which can take so much time, effort, and, not to mention, money. Feel like your building is cluttered and needs additional space? Why not research more on roof lifting and consider getting this done for your facility than looking for new and costly buildings?

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