How Social Media Platforms Can Help Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an emerging trend in the digital world today. It refers to the act of going paperless as well as growing and developing digital-wise. Most companies nowadays are starting to welcome digital transformation into their organizations because of how convenient it is. Not only that, but it can also help generate various things like visitors turning into customers, customer feedback and reviews, a standard company platform, and so much more.

On the other hand, social media platforms are applications which help people connect with one another all over the world. Fortunately, in the present time, social media has started evolving into platforms which businesses can also use to market and sell their products and services. Now, you can already gain profit just by utilizing or monetizing your social media platforms.

Most companies are already starting to adapt to these changes. If you still haven’t, or if you still have no clue about how digital transformation can improve your organization’s marketing and sales performance, digital transformation summits are being held in several parts of the world. This can significantly help your company learn more about digital transformation along with its advantages and disadvantages, as well as grow and develop digital-wise over time.

Social Media Polls and Surveys

If you’re a frequent user of Instagram, you probably know by now that the company has started adding polls on their Instagram stories. Polls are usually very helpful in collecting audience ideas and opinions. Through these polls, the audience gets to choose which they prefer best among all choices. It saves so much time and effort because with just one click, you can already cast your “vote.”

On the other hand, surveys are also very rampant in social media nowadays. Instead of printing several questionnaires on paper, you can now use online surveys like Google forms, which is way more comfortable and faster.

Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO can either make or break a first impression. It’s crucial that you incorporate your social media platforms with your search engine optimization. This also plays an essential role in accelerating digital transformation.

If your company has access to almost all the top social media platforms, then you’re doing yourself a huge favor. When individual searches for a particular business on Google, social media profiles are those most likely to appear first because almost everyone uses social media.

Customer Service

Nowadays, customers are most likely to turn to social media when reviewing a particular company’s product or service. Through social media, customers can either give positive or negative feedback.

However, neglected customer feedback is a significant turn-off. That’s why most companies nowadays provide a common platform for customers to specifically vent out their concerns regarding the company’s products and services. Through this, you can immediately address these concerns and provide remedies or solutions, if there are any.

Establishing Your Brand

Social media platforms can also help you establish your brand. Not only that, but you also get to have brand recognition. Most companies use their social media profiles to inform and educate audience about who they are, what are the products and services they offer, and a lot more. Through your social media profile, you can reach many people and spread the word about your company.

Next Level Marketing

Marketing has already taken a step closer to digital transformation acceleration. Most companies nowadays continue to develop globally by practicing digital marketing, which allows you to market and sell your products and services through social media platforms [with a chance of going viral] like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Aside from that, going viral through these social media platforms and publicity through word of mouth is one of the top factors why businesses continue to grow and develop in the present time.

Competitive Advantage

Through social media, you can also identify how your customers are talking about your competitors. Other than that, you also get to discover your competitive advantage and to what extent your company can still do to prevent another company’s mistakes.

Wrapping Up

Word travels fast. That’s why social media is now so much more than just connecting with one another. In the present time, social media has started to adapt to the business industry, allowing companies to generate more customers while also growing and developing through digital transformation over time.

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