How To Clean Motorcycle Paper Air Filter

A motorcycle paper air filters are useful for purifying or removing the dirt from the air done. It is processed from paper, oiled cotton gauze, or oiled foam. If a paper air filter is used less by dust will likely cover up the air, which will wear down the piston rings and cylinder walls of a motorcycle. There are specific ways of how to clean a motorcycle paper air filter.

In this article you will get to learn the methods of how to clean a motorcycle paper air filter, cleansing ways to keep the motorcycle running again smoothly. Otherwise, it stops the car will falter from operating well, and maintenance needs to be there.

Importance of Clean Motorcycle Paper Air Filter

A dirty filter does to your motorcycle engine because it takes away the charge or the battery in mileage. A filter needs to be replaced every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. There are three ways for air filters, one by OEM paper. The other methods are oiled cotton, gauge, and oiled foam. The air filter goes dirty for too much use and sucking in too much air. Filter found at the stores for $ 25 to $40.The work of a paper filter is to filter the compose and guard the engine and prevent too much air from entering.

Reused or recycled filters can be more efficient in allowing more air to bypass, which is more sustainable and long-lasting for another round of coverage or operation. They come in different colors, we can find them in the shops they can be white, green, or red. The sticky part of the substance does the work to contract over dirt substance. In the market, there is K&N resembles on the paper filter, there are still layers of oiled cotton gauze. Gauze takes in more air, holding bandage near to light can be seen that it has portions that keep dust out of the engine. Filters are oiled so polluted or contaminate air whirling around fibber filaments. The oil refill into the grime takes hold of it.

Types of Motorcycle Air Filters

Motorcycle air filters come in a variety of forms, and each has specific cleaning needs.

Common types of air filters are made of paper. Because they are composed of pleated paper, you may clean them by using a filter cleaning solution and tapping out any extra dirt. Reusable foam air filters can be cleaned by rinsing them in water and a mild detergent before re-oiling them with filter oil.

Cotton gauze aftermarket air filters, like K&N filters, can be cleaned by washing them in a filter cleaning solution and then re-oiling them with filter oil. For each type of filter, it’s critical to adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Safety Precautions

It’s essential to observe safety precautions when cleaning a motorbike paper air filter in order to avoid damage and guarantee that the filter and engine are operating properly. Put on gloves to shield your hands from grease and grime. To carefully remove dirt and debris, use a soft brush or cloth; do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive items as they can harm the filter. The filter should be cleaned away from sparks and open flames in a well-ventilated location. The sensitive paper material in the filter may be harmed if it is compressed or bent. In order to keep water out of the engine, make sure the filter is totally dry before reinstalling it.

3 Methods of how to clean up motorcycle paper air filter:

Step 1: 

Deciding to clean up using the vacuum method, a cleaner, dried up air for dry filters. The pressure measures up to 40 PSI (276 KPa), which keeps at a distance of a full length of 50 mm. Hold up the filter from a cleaner side, then place the vacuum in the opposite direction of the air nozzle, the space to the opposite direction of air nozzle, the gap takes away, or pulls out dirt from the vent. The vent keeps away from filters. One material will destroy the other. There are differences in other processes that are not similar to this process.

A vacuum method is used by all to clean up the dirt from the paper air filter. It is done by moving and shifting the nozzle slowly and steadily upwards and downwards using the petal on the dirty part of the screen to soak up the dirt formed on the filter for running oil. Doing and performing this task, then does not. It is better not to be in touch or keep close with filter media.

Create contact with a good, branded, and durable vacuum cleaner. So it will be better at removing dirt and dust out of the filter. Cleaning using the vacuum for about two minutes can clear off the dust from the motorcycle paper air filter. After cleaning for the first time, make sure it is dirt free and blackness is no more. If the soil is too much and does not come off using the vacuum cleaner, then the vacuum must be replaced.

Step 2:

The filter cleaned with water:  

The pressure can be between 40 PSI and 276 kph max, without a nozzle. Pouring water on the screen, and then showering the water over the filter pleats. The filter which has debris and dirt cleaned using the same process. Airing the filter with 70*C water temperature will make the paper dry out. This process should be for as many times as six times.

It is another way to clean the motorcycle paper air filter. Cleaning up paper air filter with water will take time. After cleaning up with water, it takes time for dying. What you have to do first is take a bucket full of water, with low-temperature water not to hot with slightly warm water. Filling the bucket with water, more than half of it filled with water, sink the motorcycle filter inside the water and dip it until dirt and debris free. Take out from the water and rinse it thoroughly, let it dry in sunlight or air with drier.

To clean the motor, place the filter in a clean cloth and soak up the water. For drying, place it under the light of the sun’s heat so that it dries up takes a day or a two. For the car’s use, the motorcycle paper filter should not be wet clean, and dried for running the motor’s engine. If it is not dry, then the damp substance will contract or attract dirt, which will stop the engine from running, so will the fuel will be dirty, and the motorcycle will not run. It will stop running.

Step 3:

Use of soap with fewer suds to dip inside detergent –

The filter cleans by air, vacuum, or water. In a bowl or bucket, the screen should be soaked with the detergent with fewer suds, inside warm water. Dip inside the water for 15 to 30 minutes, showering the filter in rotating motion, keep it inside for removal of dirt for more than 10 minutes, and wash the filter with water until the clay removes and entirely clean water visible. This process repeated not more than six times. The pleats should become crinkly, not need to sink or drown in the cleaning solution. After cleaning, always put the dirty water does not wash again with contaminated water.

Environmental Impact

By encouraging sustainability and cutting down on waste in motorcycle maintenance, cleaning and reusing paper air filters has a major positive impact on the environment. Paper filters that are disposable frequently wind up in landfills, adding to the expanding waste issue. Paper filters may last longer and require fewer replacements if you clean and reuse them, which will eventually lessen their influence on the environment. In addition to saving money, this approach supports sustainable development and conscientious resource management. Motorcyclists may maintain their bikes effectively and help create a cleaner, greener world by opting to clean and reuse paper air filters.


It is necessary to clean the car’s filter every 15000 miles and so on, how to clean motorcycle paper air filter is mentioned above. Now Depending on the car location where it runs, more dirt and debris areas will require it to clean up quite often. If the car is in an urban area and there are less pollution, dust, and dirt around them once a year, the filter cleans. It will require less serving and maintenance. Replace the air filter every year is essential as the motorcycle paper air filter will strain.

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