How to Use Web Design to Promote Dull-Looking Technology

Gone are the days of funky webpages with all-over-the-place widgets, soundtracks or playlists, glittery backgrounds, and customized cursors that either look like a donut, a pizza, or a cat. Today, web page designs have become more simple yet straightforward. If you think you can still pull off a website with purple leopard print as your background wallpaper, well you thought wrong. It’s time for you to leave this all behind because you might lose clients along the way.

Think of white spaces. Think of complementing colors. Think of neat backgrounds. Think of whites, grays, and creams. That’s how a minimalist webpage looks like. Nothing much is going on, but users get to freely navigate through the entire website without having a hard time locating specific tabs like the about page, contact details, product information, and a lot more. Today, it’s usability and utility that can determine whether or not a website is bound for success or failure. 

Web design here in the Philippines is starting to switch from all-over-the-place, messy websites into neat, manageable, and minimalist web pages. Since your website’s visitors are the one to navigate through the entire page, it’s best to put yourself in that situation. As a user, you wouldn’t want to click through a webpage with so much widgets and popup ads enclosed by a messy background. After all, a web design allowing your users to be the point of control generates more profit than any other design; and besides, your website might as well not exist if users can’t utilize its features and navigate through tabs. In the same way, dull-looking technology does not attract users, let alone customers. With that, here are a few steps, tips, and tricks as to how you can use web design to promote dull-looking technology:

Formulate a Plan

Before anything else, you have to come up with plans for your website. Don’t just start designing. For starters, you need to map out all your ideas, objectives, your target market’s information or purchasing journey, and so much more. Do you want an engaging and interactive website? Which colors do you plan to add: light or dark? Do you plan to add an accent corner to make certain details or features stand out?

Formulating your plans for a webpage also helps you come up with ideas about how you want everything to look like. To ensure that it generates more profit, you need to consider factors like white spaces, colors, contact details, and call-to-actions, which will be discussed further. In the same way, if your target is to transform it into something much more alive rather than sticking with its dullness, you still need to come up with definite plans to arrive in your desired result.

Add Colors

Colors make everything look so much better. But don’t overdo it! Some websites tend to exaggerate their color picking by adding too much colors, not to mention, contrasting colors. For your webpage to stand out among all other webpages out there, you must know the basics of colors because while some colors go well together, others don’t. So make sure to find out which ones suit your brand and webpage most.

According to web design experts, two to three complementing colors are enough. With these colors, you can then use lighter or darker tints and shades to expand your color palette. However, do this only when necessary. When you think that two or three colors are enough, then it’s time to stop there. Usually, whites, grays, and creams are the best options to go for. 

Use the Right Photos

Not every photo is going to make your website stand out. In the same way, not all the photos you put in your webpage are going to accurately deliver the types of messages you’re trying to get through. With that, try to consider incorporating stock images into your website. 

However, an ideal website photo is one that includes real and actual images of people working in your company, your office space or work environment, and your own products and services. As a result, users get more interested because of how authentic and unique you portray your brand to be through the company’s webpage.

Execute Call-to-Actions

Once users have landed on your website, what’s next? Would they know which pages to view or visit next? Apparently, users wouldn’t know which actions to perform next if you don’t provide them with details like call-to-actions.

Call-to-action badges are usually what tells a user which steps to do next or where to go. Although many businesses are well aware of this, some still fail to integrate it on their webpages, slipping through the possibilities or chances of a mere user turning into a customer. Some examples of call-to-actions are:

  • Click here for more information
  • View our products and service here
  • Sign up for a subscription
  • Watch the video
  • See pricing

Research the Latest Trends in Web Design

If all else fails, try researching more about the latest trends in web design! The world of web design evolves real quick, so you really need to do thorough research. However, some styles remain the same, which are usually called timeless pieces or designs. For your web design to last for quite some time, learn the difference between various designs and keep in mind that not just because something is trending today, doesn’t mean it will for the next months, years, or so. To add, not just because a specific web design is making rounds all over the market or industry today, doesn’t mean it’s the best out there.

Wrapping Up

Good web design is when your users can freely navigate through the whole page without having a hard time locating specific details and essential information like contact, product knowledge, and a lot more. It’s not really limited to a couple of key principles or tips and tricks. However, those mentioned above are proven to accelerate or improve dull-looking technology and webpages. Web design is tricky, but it’s a necessity, especially if your website’s primary goal is to generate higher profit and convert users into customers.

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