Infographic: Benefits of Using Animations To Market Your Business

Video Content Marketing: Embracing Animations Beyond 2020

2020 was a year where the world became more reliant than ever on digital with brick-and-mortar stores deferring to eCommerce, in-person events going virtual, and nearly everyone spending every waking hour at home. The past 12 months has pushed every organization, regardless of whether they had a pre-existing digital strategy, to go above and beyond to be seen online. Whether for business survival, preserving connections with stakeholders, communicating essential information, and even pivoting completely to new value offerings, prioritizing digital has been an essential response to lockdowns, economic downturn, and all manner of uncertainty. 

This digital reliance transcended industries and in these early days of 2021, it looks set to not only continue but to have permanently changed the way organizations function in every inconceivable way. Further to this, the importance of digital marketing is being understood in new and unprecedented ways. For organizations to stay relevant and connected, digital marketing is now not just an option, it’s a matter of urgency for brand longevity. Although marketing is always evolving, 2020 and this new epoch of the digital age challenges every organization ‒ including commercial, government and not-for-profit ‒ to present a story that represents them accurately and unforgettably. The need for engagement extends far beyond conversions these days with digital marketing platforms requiring consistent, quality activity in order for organizations to build a strong profile. 

The Reign Of Video Content

The pandemic has therefore logically connected with the boom in video over the last two decades for streaming, virtual entertainment, work, education and socializing. In the marketing space, there are many different types of video, a range of social media and streaming platforms, and infinite ways to savvily incorporate video into a marketing strategy. Globally, video content consumption continues to experience year-on-year growth and in 2021, it’s projected that the average person will watch 100 minutes of online video daily! From news to TikTok and Snapchat, video is everywhere thanks to smartphones and rising demand because beyond entertainment, “video extends brands”

Despite the prevalence of video content, resonant and memorable campaigns aren’t guaranteed. In talking about video content as a powerful marketing tool it can’t be denied that the market is extraordinarily saturated with 720,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube alone every single day. To break down just how much that it is, consider this metric: “It would take you close to 82 years to watch the amount of videos uploaded to YouTube in only an hour.” 

So, strong video content for marketing should stand out and it’s here that the conversation around platform and specific video type needs to be a focus. The seemingly exponential consumption of video content is matched with a range of different platforms evolving to draw in users as well. Companies such as LinkedIn have integrated with Vimeo for native video publishing while Instagram has pushed ahead with its Reels function to compete with user trends. Long story short, there are many platforms for organizations to start video marketing on therefore honing in on the type and usage is key.

Go-To Video Type: Animations

One major video content type that exploded in popularity in 2020 was animations. This era of animated videos is sophisticated, stylish, hyper engaging and elevates marketing instantly. What’s more, animations are proving to be a logical solution to a broad swathe of timely problems including the closure of film studios and sets, shrinking budgets, and the overall surge in eyes on video content. Dana Kachan identifies the distinctive qualitative marketing value of animations for organizations, reporting for Business 2 Community, “Animated videos have become a popular digital marketing trend, particularly now, when customers need more help, support, and empathy.”

Across industries and organizations, the headline benefits of animations are wide-reaching and they can be published internally and externally for significant returns. Irrespective of the scope of a marketing strategy, animated videos are a winning choice for the following reasons:

  • Cost Efficiency

Animations can largely be made in the studio rather than requiring sets, actors, crew and other resources. This helps with small budgets as well as simplifying the process of development. 

  • Safety

Many marketers turned to animations when lockdowns began and it was difficult to film even when public health protocols were followed. As restrictions continue, projects and campaigns can still proceed without compromising anyone’s wellbeing or requiring unnecessary travel. 

  • High-Impact Engagement

Of course animations (ahem, cartoons) are still popular with kids but adults love them as well because the visual language is compelling, humorous and slick. For impact, the visual structure of animations makes them way more distinctive and engaging than the written word.

  • Longevity

Animations have invaluable scope as evergreen video content which is a win for small organizations or if it’s a campaign that’s designed to endure beyond 12 months. It’s generally also simpler to update animations if necessary although it can be costly with certain animation styles.

  • Accessibility

Lastly, animations are a positive force as an accessible and inclusive media type.  Animated figures can be designed with representation front of mind and in general, this video content is immediately universal and moves beyond borders, culture, and any other barriers that might exist.

Getting Started With Animations

In the following infographic ‘Benefits of Using Animations To Market Your Business’ from One Productions, the marketing value and practical strategies for using this video type are explored in even more detail. With more current statistics and insights from industry experts, this graphic can be used tactically by anyone working in marketing including small business owners starting out in video content and more experienced professionals. Read on for the full infographic and to dive into this video content niche that connects and converts!

Benefits of Using Animations To Market Your Business

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