Latest Wearable Technology Trends In Fashion Industry

With the fashion industry constantly seeking ways to initiate revolutionary trends portraying outside-the-box intellection, the breakthrough of wearable technology indicates a huge landmark in the bloom of the industry’s production initiatives.

The idea behind wearables— or wearable technology, is to incorporate technological devices into fashion pieces comfortably worn by people; to perform several tasks like syncing with smartphones, tracking various activities ranging from heart rates to stress levels to menstrual cycles, acting as air purifiers, and communicating directly with smartphones. The first wearable being a wristwatch was invented as a bracelet with the ability to tell time and worn by women like jewelry.

Seeing the rapid increase in demand for wearable technology, fashion experts have begun to work on trending designs that could be incorporated into these gadgets to ensure that wearables do not only perform certain functions but are also aesthetically pleasing. If our bracelets could tell time, why can’t a necklace tell temperature?

Here are three impeccable design wearable trends looking to dominate the fashion world.

  1. Lighted Handbags.

With handbags being built-in enclosed forms, most women find trouble looking for stuff, especially smaller pieces in them. People with sight troubles have a harder time achieving this feat. Women have to widen out their bags to get a clearer vision, and in this process, expose the contents in it. Women carry delicate materials in their bags— they do not want the world to know. To this, lighted handbags with internal lights that turn on automatically when the bags are opened were created. 

They contain battery-powered LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the handbags. Asides from easing women of the stress of having to continue searching for their stuff in dim lighting, these bags keep users connected to their devices and allow hands-free calling, music listening, photo clicking, location pinning, and voice recording, among other things. They can also help in charging smartphones and USB devices.

Handbag with internal lights

Image by NALPHI via blog by Yanko design Handbag with internal lights

  1. 2. Reactive Autonomous Dresses.

These dresses give reactive responses to the environment and light they are in. They read the room. There are physically reactive dresses, light-reactive garments, and other garments that respond to the sudden environment they are worn in. All garments are manufactured with different sensors for different situations. 

They are equipped with tiny cameras, linked to raspberry pi computers, as well as color and light sensors. The appropriate responses are initiated through the series of actuators and magnets, interlaced with silicone within the fabric. Smart fabrics are also used to create a range of other clothes with specific tasks.

Robotic dress designs

Image by Yinggao and Dezeen via Pinterest Robotic dress designs

  1. Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jackets.

In 2017, Google and Levi Strauss & Co.,  teamed up to produce a jean jacket equipped with a small module in the jacket’s cuff that connects to the user’s phone through Bluetooth and charges via Micro USB. With the tech giant’s Project Jacquard technology, wearers can use hand gestures like swiping, touching, and tapping to access various remote control options.

With just a single move, wearers can make the phone snap a picture. Customers can also assign a specific gesture to a command given to the Google Assistant, so that a swipe over the module, for example, prompts the smart assistant to provide weather, traffic, or news data. 

Digital connectivity is provided through the Jacquard snap tag attached to the jacket’s cuff. When the jacket detects your gesture, the tag sends a signal wirelessly to your phone. The jacket integrates with the Jacquard app for your mobile phone, which allows you to customize your experience. 

Levi's Commuter Trucker Jackets

Image by Levi’s, via CNET Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jackets.

These three trends, in coming years, stand to be the most sought after, as each covers a range of functions which best carries out the various and dire needs of people.

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