Robotics: Changing The Future Of Warehouses

In recent years, robotics has been advanced and pushed to be the future of labor. Many sectors have tested and eventually gone on to use robots as part of their automated system such as warehouses. The benefits that warehouses stand to gain from incorporating robotics into their operations are plenty, and it is strongly believed that it will remain to be as impactful as it is in the coming years.

In fact, robotics have gained eminence in distribution centers, supply chains, and warehouse management circles. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, better sensors and response capabilities, plus a warehouse management software are primarily what allows robots to operate autonomously inside warehouses. These reasons are related to the statistics that have been gathered through research which indicated an 89% incremental value gain for the retail industry from using AI for operations.

If you have the budget and you are looking for a good investment for your warehouse operations, see this article as it discusses how robotics is changing the future of warehouses.

Benefits of adopting robotics in your warehouse

Cutting expenses and increasing efficiency are the more prominent gains that a warehouse can get from adopting robotics. Here are the less obvious ways:

  • Lower error rates and higher customer satisfaction – Human errors can be costly for a business and can lead to customer dissatisfaction. As any warehouse owner and manager should know, customer service is critical for maintaining and growing a business.  With warehouse robotics automating handling, picking, sorting, and replenishment of your products, it guarantees lower error rates which will lead to increase in productivity and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Lessens the strain on human workers and increases safety – Working in warehouse properties, regardless of industry, is demanding. Robots help mitigate the mental and physical stress that it gives your human workforce by taking on the dangerous and stressful tasks themselves and automating the tedious manual ones.
  • Adaptability – Robotics allow warehouses to meet increased capacity demands the quickest time possible. They have the ability to work around the cock without diminishing their performance, which will be very useful during peak seasons where demands are high.
  • Innovative brand image – Adopting robotics as part of your warehouse operations will also enhance your brand image. By advertising that you are using robotics, you are sending a message to potential customers that you are innovative and cutting-edge.

What robots can work for your warehouse?

As an additional learning, we’ll discuss what kinds of robots can work for your warehouse. Robots are artificially intelligent inventions that are capable of executing cognitive functions like a human being. Supply chain application of AI is divided into two categories: augmentation and automation. Augmentation means the AI assists humans in their day-to-day tasks, while automation means the AI can function without human interference.

Robotics technology that can provide great results for warehouse operations such as aerial drones, automated guided vehicles, and autonomous mobile robots all fall under those respective AI application categories. For instance, aerial drones can automatically connect to your warehouse management system (WMS) to access existing inventory information, making it an effective partner for tracking the flow of product coming in and out of your warehouse from your inventory.


Adopting robotics to your warehouse operations means that you can increase your profits, make your customers happy, and create a safe work environment. It’s  a strategic move that will lead to better results and boosts profitability. It’s here to change the game for the best.

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