Best Ways To Clean And Sanitize Your Hardware Tools Amidst COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic made us evaluate our way of living. Now we are focusing more on our hygiene, not only on the personal side but with our surroundings and the things we use as well. Cleaning and sanitizing the things that we use on a regular basis such as surfaces or hardware tools are now more important than ever.

With everything seemingly happening in a blurring pace, frequent cleaning and sanitizing our household is now the norm. It was discovered by researchers that the coronavirus can live on surfaces, which is why health authorities have advised doing the proper sanitizing and cleaning measures to prevent the possibility of infection from touching the things we use regularly. Although there have been zero reported cases of transmission from touching surfaces that infected people have touched, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you like doing repairs or remodeling projects on your own, then you have to take care of the tools and equipment that you use. This entails keeping them clean, free of dirt, bacteria, or germs that may be a hazard to your health. To help you out with this topic, here are the best ways to clean and sanitize your hardware tools amidst COVID-19.

Clean tools after every use

It’s standard that you clean your hardware tools after using them. But unfortunately, this is one of the things that some tend to not do or procrastinate on. Leaving your hardware tools dirty may cause damage to it, which means you’re going to have to have them repaired or replaced, which will cost you.

You want to avoid spending money on something that you could’ve prevented from happening. Once you are finished with your work, clean up your tools. It will not take up a lot of your time.

For power tools such as drills, you have to unplug them first before cleaning. Use an air compressor to dust it off. After that, wipe down the surface of the tool and then lubricate any moving parts. Machine oil is a good choice for lubricating, but you should also check the tool’s manual if the manufacturer has better recommendations.

You can also ask the store where you purchased your tool. I received excellent sanitation tips from a Manila hardware store where I bought my hand tool for a simple DIY renovation project.

For non-electric hand tools, you can clean and sanitize most of them by simply wiping them down with a clean rag. Remove dirt by giving them a good wash using soap and water and dry them well afterward. For tools with wooden handles, dampen the rag with a little linseed oil before wiping for a better clean.

Store your tools properly

Ensure that your storage space for your hardware tools is also cleaned and sanitized well. When it comes to metal tools, rust is your enemy. Avoid getting your tools rusted by storing them in a dry place. For your power tools, it’s better to store them in their original cases. It’s the best way to protect them from rust.

Additionally, keep in mind to inspect your tools before using them again. You might have missed a spot or something could be damaged. This is to ensure their longevity and safety while using them.


It’s simple and basic to clean and sanitize your hardware tools. Doing simple things such as these is essential to keep your health safe from any infectious diseases. This is also about protecting your tools, which, if you think about it, is also a form of investment since you plan to keep using them for as long as you can.

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