School Districts Cut Ties with Former HR Director Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Two school districts in Wisconsin have cut their relations with a former human resources director who was recent arrested on accusations of child pornography and child abuse. The allegations were brought against the individual.

On Friday, February 16th, the director, who has been named as Adam Westbrook, was taken into custody as part of an inquiry into crimes committed and committed against children on the internet. He was working with the school districts as a musical director and choreographer for their forthcoming school musicals. He was also working with the school districts.

Following the announcement of Westbrook’s arrest, the school districts have issued statements in which they express their astonishment and displeasure. In addition to this, they have reassured both parents and pupils that the protection of their children is their number one concern. It is being made available to pupils who may be having difficulty coping with the news that counselors are becoming available.

It is considered that Westbrook is innocent until his guilt is established. Nevertheless, the school districts have made it quite plain that he will no longer participate in any events that are associated with the school.

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