Signs That You Need BMW Transmission Repair

The transmission system of the vehicle plays an important role in enhancing its overall performance and efficiency. Hence, it should work in the best condition. One of the key aspects that you should take into account when going for car servicing is to ask your service provider to check the transmission system as well. If you are a BMW owner, you must always focus on its transmission systems’ performance. In case you notice any glitch, it demands immediate BMW transmission repair. In this blog, you will get filled in with certain pointers that will help you analyze the condition of the transmission system of your BMW car. If you notice any of the following red flags, immediately contact the technician for its repair and replacement if required.

Red Flags of BMW Transmission System

  1. Rough idling and odors – You might not even require to drive your BMW to get a note of the signs. Once you start your vehicle, and you notice a rough sound like that of a grinding or rambling, something which is unusual, it means that there is an underlying issue with the transmission system of your vehicle. You should be vigilant while driving; if you notice any unusual smell coming from the vehicle, it might be that you need to replace the transmission fluid. Usually, in BMW, you need to replace the transmission between every 30 to 60 thousand miles, and if it isn’t, then it may start to smell.
  2. Slipping transmission – An issue with either a manual or automatic transmission can result in slipping out of gear, causing a mismatch between the revolutions per minute and the actual speed of the vehicle. This can result in a sensation of the vehicle “lagging” and is often noticeable when navigating inclines or declines.This can be because of the worn-out transmission band on a low fluid level. In such a case, you should immediately contact the BMW transmission repair and service provider, who can have a look at it and follow the necessary course of action.
  3. Leaking fluid – One of the common signs of an issue with the BMW transmission system is when you notice leaking fluid. If your BMW is leaving behind a fluid, it can be because of oil leakage. This fluid is usually brown or in a shade of red. If you notice this once or twice, the next time, place a cardboard below your vehicle overnight. If you notice the dark fluid leakage from the vehicle, it means that your BMW transmission system requires immediate repair. If you are unable to figure out the problem, you can ask your BMW transmission repair service provider to have a look at the leaking fluid, and they will recommend the right course of action.
  4. Poor shifting and accelerating – BMW is known for its smooth handling. It is all about the  drive which goes seamlessly on any terrain. However, if you are noticing an issue while handling your vehicle, then one of the potential causes could be an issue with the transmission system. If you notice shifting to be rough or delayed, then something is wrong with the vehicle, and it needs to be addressed immediately. Make sure that you contact the BMW transmission repair team to have a quick assessment of the transmission system to help you know the right reasons for the same.
  5. Check engine light – One of the greatest benefits of investing in such an advanced vehicle is that you are automatically indicated about the upcoming problem. If you notice the engine light of your BMW switched on, it is advisable to bring your vehicle for a quick inspection. It can be because of the transmission issue. If your BMW is equipped with the transmission warning light or signal, then you will get a clear indication of the issue emerging with the transmission system. In such case, you can immediately contact the BMW transmission repair team for the inspection and repair work.

What’s Next?

If you notice any of the above signs with the BMW transmission system, do not delay your visit to the repair service provider. The BMW transmission repair service team is trained and equipped with all the tools that will help in immediate unfolding of the underlying cause and repair of the same.

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