The Highs and Lows of Job Posting Websites

Amidst the digital takeover happening nowadays, more and more companies shift online as their recruitment hub. Professional networking, job posting sites, and job ads on social media are the “in” thing right now. In fact, on a report by Jobvite Recruiter Nation back in 2016, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check candidates. The present and the future of recruitment lies online.

But like most effective tools, job posting sites have their pros and cons. These are the main highs and lows of job posting websites and online recruitment:

The highs

Wider audience reach

A huge majority of job seekers are tech-savvy, active internet using millennials, with them alone your job postings have already been seen and viewed in detail by a huge number. Your potential applicant pool grows larger, making it relatively easier to search for suitable candidates.

The option to make a job ad “dynamic”

Job posting sites not only allow plain text. Companies may also include other elements that can help curious applicants that want to know more information about them. You can put photos or a short video that shows the culture you have in your company. Using technology in this manner is proof that your business is dynamic and willing to adapt to the times.

Flexibility and durability

Most job posting sites will allow you to edit your job posts. Unlike print ads, for instance, it’s likely that you will need to pay an additional fee for your ad should you need to post a new one, but not with online platforms. In addition, you may also update or even remove it, should you wish to do so.

Also unlike in print media where it depends on their publishing cycle, your online job post will stay live until the author and the host website decides to do otherwise.


Nowadays more than any other time, the internet is very easy to access. People are online almost every day, at home or even on-the-go. Posting your job ads online makes it more convenient when you want to go over applications or reply to applicants, which in turn they can see in realtime.


A good majority of job posting sites are free to use. There are some that offer premium options for extra services like Job Pinoy.

Manage your campaign as effectively as you can and it will save you money and allow you to attract more applicants.

The lows

Assessing effectiveness can be difficult

Having an online job post on a provider does not mean you immediately gain access to analytics and data. There are some that offer data and analytics as a premium service. Thus, measuring how effective your job campaign is could be a little difficult.

It attracts bad and fraudulent candidates

Applying online is easy. Hence your job post can receive too many applications. Recruiters will have to carefully filter all applications that they receive because of this risk.

On the job seeker’s side, your resume tends to get buried under a ton of other applications.

Too much competition

This is the main downside of being a member of job posting websites. The number of companies that register and the influx of people looking for jobs that increase every year can be very overwhelming. Your postings can be ranked below others, so you should make your job post as attractive as possible.

To conclude, recruiters must weigh the highs and the lows of job posting websites, to be able to have a successful job ad campaign and a smoother recruitment process.

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