The Poco X5 Pro: a Powerful Smartphone at an Affordable Price

After using the Poco X5 Pro Indian 6/128GB edition for a few weeks, I can confidently declare that it lives up to and even exceeds my lofty expectations. Smartphones are great companions for people like me who use them mostly for media consumption, productivity apps, multitasking, and web browsing. Here, I’ll describe my time with the Poco X5 Pro and talk about what I thought of the phone overall, including its features and how well it performed.

Design and Unboxing Experience

The Poco X5 Pro was activated but dead when I first took it out of the box, so the design and unboxing experience left a lot to be desired. It was a slight annoyance that it needed to be charged before being turned on for the first time. However, once operational, the gadget revealed its sophisticated style and sturdy construction. It has a slim, modern design, and its display is bright and colorful, so it’s pleasing to the eye.

Performance and User Experience

When comparing the Poco X5 Pro to my previous high-end smartphone, the S23 Ultra, in terms of performance and user experience, I found no discernible differences. This device, despite its inexpensive cost, has performed admirably, allowing me to multitask between applications with no perceptible lag or slowdowns. The responsiveness and smoothness of the interface made using my phone a pleasure.

Display and Multimedia Consumption

The Poco X5 Pro has a fantastic screen and is a joy to use for watching videos and other content. The device’s display was crystal clear and had vivid colors regardless of whether I was watching a movie, surfing the web, or playing a game. It’s a joy to engage in content consumption on this gadget thanks to the 6.67-inch FHD+ display with a high refresh rate of 120hz.


Battery Life and Charging

I was pleasantly surprised by how long the Poco X5 Pro’s battery (5000 mah) lasted, since I was able to use it for a full day despite moderate to heavy usage. I rarely needed to plug in before the day was done because to the 5,000 mAh battery. When the battery did run low, I was able to charge the item quickly with its 67 watt adapter so I could get back to using it.


Camera Performance

While I don’t consider myself a smartphone photography enthusiast, the Poco X5 Pro’s camera met my casual needs. The device’s camera arrangement is respectable, with a primary 108MP sensor and a number of secondary lenses for capturing images with respectable quality and detail. There are other smartphones on the market with more sophisticated camera systems if photography is a top priority for you.

Software Update

When it comes to software and updates, I was very pleased to find that the Poco X5 Pro was waiting to be upgraded to Android 13 when i turned on the phone for first time. The most up-to-date features and security patches for Android are compatible with this device. The interface was simple and well-designed, so navigating and personalizing it was a breeze. It is supposed to get another major android update sometime next year as promised by the Xiaomi.


Overall, the performance and features of the Poco X5 Pro Indian model (6GB RAM, 128GB storage) have impressed me. There is no need to use the RAM extention feature (which comes activated out of the box) for a smooth experience with media playback, productivity software, or simultaneous tasks. In comparison to more expensive options, this gadget holds its own, and it provides exceptional value for the money. The Poco X5 Pro is a great option if you’re searching for a dependable smartphone that won’t break the budget.

In Bangladesh Market its unofficial version is available for around BDT 30-32K. And its other variant 8/256GB variant should be avaiable around BDT 35-37K.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience with the Poco X5 Pro Indian 6/128GB variant and does not cover every aspect of the device. Individual experiences may vary.

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