The Pros and Cons of Social Media on Productivity

Is social media really the worst thing that has ever happened to workforce productivity? Here are some serious pros and cons of social media on productivity at the workplace. So, it’s up to you to decide.

Pros of Social Media on Productivity

Improve Collaboration

If used for knowledge sharing, social media reduces time spent on information search which increases productivity by 20-25%.

Helps in learning

With the help of social media, employees learn more in a shorter period of time. Result: increased productivity by 21.5%.

Sharpen focus

Looking at cute animal on YouTube, sharpens focus and improves productivity by 9%.

Is a source for creative ideas

Social media is a place for inspiration, while the minutes spent there gives you time to filter out the best ideas.

Gives a mental break from the workplace

Social media gives your brain a break and works as a quick mood and energy booster.

Cons of Social Media on Productivity

Makes you work more, but not more effectively

It’s difficult to filter reliable sources, so you can end up using information that gives no result.

Can be blamed for the loss of motivation

Facebook can make you depressed and thus less motivated, which leads to decreased productivity.

Is a waste of time

Social networks are the 2nd biggest time-waster at work: 14% say they’re the top time-waster.

Still not the best productivity booster

Sitting still at the laptop is in general a less effective productivity booster than physical activity.

Can cause addictive behavior

Dependency on social media can lead to focusing problems and chances of disregarding responsibilities.  

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