There are four new ways in which Google Maps will make life simpler

It’s possible that you use Waze as a navigation tool to get around town, but there’s no substitute for Google Maps when it comes to getting an overview of your surroundings.

Google regularly rolls out new versions of its extremely detailed mapping application, which include additional functionalities that allow users to rapidly travel the world. You can even travel through time in reverse! Use this Google Maps hack to see your house as it appeared many years ago by tapping or clicking here.

The industry leader in technology has unveiled three fascinating new ways in which using Google Maps can make your life easier. Continue reading to learn about the newest features and how to make use of them.

The Google Map history is as follows:

Although Google was the first to admit that Maps began as a navigational tool, the company is also the first to acknowledge that it has since evolved into a significantly more comprehensive application and travel companion. Many people take advantage of it in order to become familiar with their immediate environment or to investigate a city before going on vacation.

Since the introduction of Google Maps, the company has included features such as 360-degree photos, public images of an area, and Street View, which allows users to descend into the center of a location. The business has moved things forward by delivering on three previously promised features at an earlier point in this year.

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1. Notifications based on a user’s location

With the latest update to Google Maps, you now have the ability to share your location with others, much like how you can share live locations using WhatsApp. You are also able to monitor when your friends leave a location or when they arrive securely at their destination using this function.

“Notifications can only be set for someone who has already chosen to share their location with you,” states a post on the Google blog. “Notifications cannot be set for anyone else.” You have the ability to determine when you want to stop sharing your location with other people, and you will also receive recurring monthly notifications regarding the activity associated with your location sharing.

You can get detailed instructions on how to share your location through Google Maps on your desktop computer, Android device, or iPhone or iPad by clicking this link.

2. View landmarks in aerial view

When using Google Maps on a desktop computer, it is possible to view famous landmarks around the world in three dimensions, and you can even fly around to get a better look. This feature is now accessible within the mobile application as well. Google refers to this as “immersive view,” and the way it operates is a little bit different.

This adds a new dimension to the process of planning your trip because it is available for specific buildings and landmarks in Los Angeles, London, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo. You have the option to view a full 360-degree rendering of a landmark on Google when you search for that landmark using the search engine. One example of this would be the Empire State Building.

3. Specific itineraries for bicycle travel

Google will soon begin rolling out a new and improved detailed bicycle route viewer in select areas. This update is expected to take place within the next few weeks. Tap on the bicycle option when getting directions from Google Maps, and you’ll get several routes with additional information, such as whether it’s on a major road or a local street, as well as information about heavy traffic and steep hills.

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4. Keep your data private

There are times when you might prefer to keep some things to yourself. Your GPS location is obviously required for Google Maps in order for it to be able to provide navigational data and information on your location.

Did you know that Google saves all of the location data that you provide to it through Google Maps? In Google Maps, the following is how to disable the saving of your location history by Google:

  1. Launch Google Maps and ensure that you are logged in before continuing.
  2. To view your profile, click on your picture.
  3. To manage your Google account, click the Manage button.
  4. Click the tab labeled Data & privacy.
  5. Click the Location History button located in the History settings menu.

Tap the button labeled Turn off. (NOTE: If it has been turned off already, there is no need to tap the button. On the left hand side of the display, it will indicate that it is turned off.)

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