Top Things You Didn’t Know A VPN Could Do

A Virtual Private Network or VPN refers to a tool that consists of a tunnel where encrypted data travels down. This protects your information and secures it from malicious threats and attacks online. At such a time when technology evolves at an exponential rate, cybercriminals would already know the ins and outs of the world wide web. This makes users a whole lot more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, potentially risking and exposing crucial data.

Most people probably already know what a VPN is capable of. But the sole purpose of this article is to show you how flexible VPNs are, and a whole lot of amazing things you can do once you avail a quality VPN subscription.

Here are some of the top things you didn’t know a VPN could do:

Access Top Favorite Sites While Traveling

One of the top reasons users buy VPN subscriptions is to get easy access to global streaming portals and other content. You pay for a premium Netflix subscription, so shouldn’t you be able to use that even when you’re abroad? Thankfully, a VPN subscription enables you to access your top favorite sites even when traveling. Watch Netflix or Youtube on an airplane and stream sites around the world that are restricted to specific geographic regions. Make the most out of your premium subscription.

Prevent Websites From Tracking Your Personal Information

You should know by now that a lot of websites can track users’ information, especially without a VPN. Previous research states that over 60% of websites have trackers lurking just right in the background. This definitely makes users feel unsafe that even accessing Google on WiFi is a risky move. To prevent this from happening, then you must avail of a VPN for Google on Wifi to turn on instant anonymity and secure your identity.

Go Shopping Even While Traveling

Online shopping is incomplete without handing in your financial information and other personal data. But with a VPN, you now get to shop worry-free and even while traveling because it automatically filters your information. In turn, your identity appears anonymous, especially for online predators who lurk around the world wide web, waiting for their next target.

Connect To Your School’s Network From Your House

If you still go to school, you can most likely connect to its VPN remotely to make it look and feel as if you’re still on campus. This does a few things for you, like getting to access online resources that are only available via your university’s network, use the school’s Internet connection to browse, do homework, do research, and a lot more. Although you have to remember that this privilege is given for a reason; hence, do nothing illegal, and please respect your university’s Internet connection and IT professionals.

Leave Anonymous Comments Without Fear of Retaliation

A lot of organizations today don’t like it when users post negative comments or feedback about them on the Internet. Some of these organizations even go as far as retaliating and suing the person who posted negative remarks about them or shared any information that may damage their reputation.

With a VPN, you can now leave anonymous comments and share or say the truth without fearing what the other party has to say or do. This is because a VPN allows you to hide your real IP address when posting comments on such websites.

Save Money On Flight Tickets And Hotel Rooms

Getting a little surprised? Yes, VPNs can help you save money on booking flights and hotel rooms, allowing you to go on a cheaper vacation. You may probably know by now that clearing your browser cookies or going on incognito mode can help you avoid flight rates and hotel rooms increasing based on your past searches. But this is often not enough. With a VPN, you get to save a lot more money because prices vary in different countries.

VPNs make it appear as if you are browsing the Internet from a different country, where the prices are a lot lower. Your hidden IP address also allows you to connect to a server and replace your IP address with your preferred location. Hence, you get to browse, pick and book cheaper rates.

Wrapping Up

By now, you may have a pretty good idea of why you need a VPN. Not only are these used for protecting your privacy, but they also help you circumvent censorship and region restrictions, make the most out of your subscriptions, and even save money. Don’t have a VPN yet? Now’s the perfect time to get one then!

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