What is Artificial Intelligence? Is It Dangerous?

An artificial intelligence is the study of computer science designed and built to meet the demand and work for humanity in a computerized form. It is an interdisciplinary computerized formed study of human intelligence for advancement in paradigm of technology and machine learning.

How does artificial intelligence work? 

During the 1950s there was an argument whether artificial human intelligence was actually artificial or it was human applied intelligence .Artificial intelligence has some of these behavior with human intelligence: planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion and manipulation

Al is the replication and stimulation of branch of computer science intelligence into machines. It has given rise to many questions and debates. There is no single definition of Al.

A simple answer to Al is building intelligence into machine that does not answer to what Al is? Why is the machine intelligent?

In the textbook of Artificial Intelligence like Stuart Rusel and Peter Norving define four different approaches that define the field of AI.

  1. Thinking humanly
  2. Thinking rationally
  3. Acting humanly
  4. Acting Rationally

The first two is for thinking thought processing and reasoning and the other two is for behavior logically. It is the process of algorithms enabled by constraints ,exposed to representations’ and marked by perception that has made models with loops tied to thinking, perception and action together.

It is a focus and a view point of machine creation, machine learning of computer science and blue print of computer programming and other subsets of AI.

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How is the AI used?

AI has two categories:

  1. Narrowing AI: This type of intelligence operates with a limited context and is a simulation of human intelligence .Narrow AI does work extremely well with easy simulation of human intelligence .These machines might be intelligent they operate under constraint and limitations than even basic human intelligence.
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): This is referred to as strong artificial intelligence. They are by far the most high tech intelligence system whereby they work under constraints and limitations although like a pro. They work in those movies Westworld or data from Star Trek, It is a machine used to solve any problems.

Some examples of artificial intelligence:

  • Smart assistant 
  • Disease mapping and prediction tools 
  • Manufacturing and drone tools

Narrow Artificial Intelligence:

The use of narrow artificial intelligence is by far more in our day to day life. It is success up to this date. The narrow AI contributed towards societal benefit and economic prosperity for a nation in terms of ‘Preparing for the future of artificial intelligence, ‘a 2016 report released by Obama AI include:

Examples of narrowing AI include:

  • Google search
  • Image recognition software
  • Siri ,Alexa (personal assistant)
  • Self driving cars
  • BMW  Watson

Machine Learning and Deep Learning:

There is a difference between machine learning and deep learning .The narrowing artificial learning is by breakthrough  of machine learning and deep learning ,Venture capitalist provides a map of how to distinguished AI, machine learning and deep learning.

“Artificial Intelligence has algorithms and intelligence to try to mimic human intelligence” 

“Machine learning is of them deep learning is the technical learning is one of machine learning techniques”

Machine learning is about statistical data set into programming and applied testing for performing algorithms into computerized data. There is no need for writing down codes and machine learning has surprised learning labelled data sets and unsupervised learning unlabeled data sets.

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that runs through a biological inspired network learning architecture .The neutral networks contain a number of hidden layers through which the data is processed, weighting input for best results.

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Artificial General Intelligence:

The creation of machine with human intelligence is applied research by many researchers , for monthly by AI researchers ,but the quest for AGI has been troubled with difficulty.

Learning and acting for a new environment with universal algorithm is not new but, has in demand to create a full cognitive development with essential means of creating a machine.

AGI has been accused of being a state of dystopian dramatized situational problem for the development of AI into mechanisms and cognitive behaviour of machine that would lead to robots run over human. It is not actually a threat of imperils at this time of era for the time being.

How can AI be dangerous?

Most researchers have thoughts of how a super intelligent AI cannot distinguish between or exhibit love or hate. There is less chance of AI to be kind, generous or to be evil.  A AI might become a risk when it considers these two situations:

  1. The Artificial Intelligence programmed to do devastation: Autonomous weapons are designed with artificial intelligence that can kill and take away lives of innocent people .In the hand of the wrong person this could lead to massive destruction and in the artificial intelligence arms could cause a war and destruction of nations leaving these in the hands of autonomy can cause huge destruction and damage, that cannot be ‘turned off’ possible loss of control. This is the risk that involves that raises autonomy of narrow artificial intelligence and levelling by levelling.
  2. An Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial to the society at the same time vocational to destruction situations: If not controlled properly or programmed in a dysfunctional or destructive method or statistically in the bio nary codes go up against each other falter one another create a havoc them, it is probably doing a different task or a destructive attempt for imperialism. For example if a car is asked to taken to a desired location such as a zoo or a part or office destination .It may run in a speed of length which could call a helicopter or police running behind. It does as it is told however might be destructive.

The artificial intelligence is needed for on a daily life but need to be careful enough not to depend upon them too much. Asking or designating them to take over work might involve certain perils if the work done not as supervised or organized in a systematic way. The testing with AI can be destructive or dangerous.

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