Why Should UKG WFC Customers Replace Their Legacy Time Clocks With RightPunch?

Many firms have utilized the efficient workforce management system UKG Workforce Central (WFC) to track time and attendance, manage absences, manage workers, process payroll, and do other usual WFM activities. However, given that UKG’s declaration that it would stop offering support for WFC after 31 December 2025 and that On-Premise Workforce Central (WFC) will be retired on 31 March 2027 has left businesses using the platform with a complicated decision to make regarding how to move forward with their workforce management needs.

One of the main issues for UKG WFC users is that many of the old clocks used with the platform are not supported in the new workforce management system that UKG is offering, called Workforce Dimensions. In light of this, all legacy clocks for UKG WFC that are currently malfunctioning must be fixed or replaced, even though WFC will be phased down in the near future.

As a result, firms will be forced to spend money on new equipment even if they know the investment will pay off in less than two years. Organizations experience severe financial burdens as a result of this. Additionally, the old Kronos 4500 time clock is incompatible with the new UKG Workforce Dimensions, making it an unwise purchase for companies.

However, UKG WFC customers should also consider RightPunch by CloudApper as a different approach to the issue. As a certified UKG partner, RightPunch provides a biometric time clock that supports both UKG WFC and UKG Dimensions, providing businesses with an option that is both financially sound and future-proof.

One of RightPunch’s key selling factors is how inexpensive it is. RightPunch requires a small monthly fee to get started, after which you may adjust it to meet your demands whenever you choose. RightPunch does not require an item of significant upfront expenditure, in contrast to conventional time clocks. Instead, all it needs is a small monthly fee. Additionally, RightPunch’s biometric technology ensures that only authorized employees may clock in and out, reducing the risk of buddy punching and other forms of time fraud.

Another vital advantage of utilizing RightPunch is how easy it is to use. The time clock was designed to be simple to use and needs little staff training. The time clock can be easily implemented and used by organizations. You may take a photo of someone and use our face-matching technology to recognize them, or you can scan a QR code or an NFC tag. The time clock is also inexpensive for businesses because it is easy to set up and requires little maintenance.

Additionally, RightPunch offers a wide range of solutions that firms may employ to improve labour management operations. For example, it is straightforward for companies to track and manage their employees’ time and attendance data when the time clock is integrated with other systems, such as payroll and scheduling software. Furthermore, RightPunch includes robust reporting features that make it easier for companies to keep track of, assess, and make decisions based on the data received from their employees’ time sheets.

Customers of UKG WFC who are worried about the approaching end of support for the workforce management system they are now using could consider investing in RightPunch by CloudApper. RightPunch is a UKG-certified partner that provides a time clock that is cost-effective, user-friendly, and designed for the future. Since it is compatible with both UKG WFC and UKG Dimensions, businesses may afford to use it instead. RightPunch is a valuable investment for any business since it also contains a range of features that firms can utilize to improve how they manage their workforces.

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