11 Hot “Internet Of Things” (IoT) Startups

11 Hot “Internet Of Things” (IoT) Startups

Internet Of Things (IoT) companies are everywhere these days, creating consumer devices and appliances that connect to networks and can send/receive data. With IoT poised to become the largest device market in the world very soon, we’re presenting a cross-section of IoT companies you should watch – plus three veterans who’ve already established themselves.

#1 Dropcam

Recently acquired by Nest and Google, the king of wifi video cameras allows you to remotely view your home, family, pets, or business from any wifi-connected device.

Interesting Fact: 94% of companies believe the IoT will impact global markets over the next 3 years.

#2 Jawbone

These wearable devices help you live better by measuring and providing insight into how you sleep, exercise and eat.

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#3 Nest

They started with programmable thermostat and smart smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. Newly acquired by Google, they’re now integrating with everything from Dropcam to Mercedes to IFTTT.

Interesting Fact: 17% of software developers said they are already working on applications for IoT devices, while 23% said they expect to begin such work in the next 6 months.


A wifi-enabled, multicolor, energy efficient LED lightbulb that you control via smartphone.

#5 Beep

A tiny wifi computer that makes your audio speakers smart, Sync speakers throughout your house and control them via voice commands and mobile apps.

Interesting Fact: 41% of technologyness-makers surveyed say their organizations plan to collect and process IoT related data close to the point of creation.

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#6 Chui

A doorbell that recognizes your face. You’ll never worry about misplacing your house keys again since your face is now the key.

#7 Heapsylon

Creates clothes with fitness sensors; Socks give you data to improve your running, T-shirts and bras monitor your heart rate.

Interesting Fact: Industry-wide communication protocols are necessary for the full realization of IoT’s market potential of 8.9 Trillion in 2020.

#8 PubNub

Cloud-hosted messaging service for building real-time web and mobile apps. Delivers reliable connectivity for devices of all types; consumer electronics, factory floor, irrigation, transportation, etc.

#9 Neura

Helps devices learn your behavior so they can predict your needs. E.g. with -.5 miles of your morning jog remaining, your smart water heater kicks in for your shower and the coffee pot starts brewing.

#10 TempoIQ

Formerly known as TempoDB, they help companies make sense of what they measure, making it possible to store and analyze massive streams of data generated by connected devices and sensors.

Interesting Fact: Combining IoT with big data and analytics could deliver incremental revenue of $14.4 Trillion in the next decade. 

#11 Scanalytics

An intelligent floor mat that measures foot traffic, which part of the store customers frequent, and connects with other devices to prompt actions based on customer behavior.

11 Hot “Internet Of Things” (IoT) Startups

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