5 Benefits of Email Automation Every Marketing Manager Should Consider

What do you do with all the email addresses that you collect via your website, social interactions or from attending trade-shows and events? Email automation could be the perfect way to capitalize on all of the email that you’ve collected from your customers, audiences and target market.

Here are some more benefits for every marketing managers to seriously consider in favor of implementing a email automation plan into place:

Increase customer engagement and retention

By sending the right message, at the right time, to the right people you will strategically be nurturing your leads. By providing hyper-relevant content your email has a chance at standing out in everyone’s crowded inboxes.

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An opportunity to enhance brand awareness

Developing a workflow which allows you to maintain a consistent presence in your subscriber’s inbox will increase your brand awareness. Even if the reader does not open the email, by providing an informative subtitle they will still understand what your company is offering.

Develop improved time management

Every marketer will understand the struggle of trying to manage your time between an increasing amount of platforms. By having automated workflows it will free up valuable time that would have been spent on mundane tasks.

Establish advance list segmentation

Email automation and segmentation work in perfect harmony. Once you understand what interests your consumers you can place them in a segmented list. Through email automation, you can relax knowing that this list is being provided with personalized content.

Improve operational efficiency

Email automation is the ideal management strategy for the business. By having email workflows automated, employees & resources can be freed up. Overall improving productivity, reducing labor requirements and therefore overhead expenses.

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