15 Killer Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

When it comes to speed and user-friendliness, Google Chrome is definitely most of our favorite browser. That’s why we have made a list of Google Chrome tips and tricks that can make your web experience even more satisfying and reliable.

Save web pages as PDF’s

Open any web page, press Ctrl+P on windows (or CMD+P on your Mac) and choose “save as PDF” from the list of available printers.

Display home button

To add a home button in Chrome you just have to click on the ‘Wrench Icon’ at the top-right corner, select ” Preferences,” and under the tab, you will find a check-box for “show Home button in the toolbar.”

Make Favicons Your Bookmarks

Right-click on a bookmark in your bookmarks bar and delete the text in the name box, leaving only the favicon.

Pin Tabs

Minimize a tab to display only the icon. To pin a tab, right click on the tab, and select “Pin Tab.” This is helpful when you have a lot of tabs open.

Open recent tabs

Open any recent tab that has been closed by right-clicking on the title bar and selecting “Reopen closed tab.”

Go into incognito mode

Browse privately in Chrome by clicking on “Settings” and selecting “New Incognito Window”. Your history will not be saved.

Navigate between tabs quickly

Navigate quickly between tabs by pressing Ctrl+1 to go to the 1st tab, Ctrl+2 to go to the 2nd tab, and so on. Go to the last tab by pressing Ctrl+9.

Open multiple pages on startup

Set your startup pages by going to “Settings,” and selecting “set pages” under the On Startup section. Next, enter the URL’s.

Solve mathematical problems and more

Solve mathematical calculations and more from the Omnibox (address bar), Try tapping 60 x 90 without pressing enter and see what happens

Play media files in google chrome

Play a wide variety of movie and music files by simply dragging your file into the search bar and enjoy listening or watching it play.

Bookmark all tabs

Bookmark all of your open tabs at once by right-clicking on one of the tabs and scrolling to “Bookmark all tabs.”

Create desktop shortcuts of your favorite websites

In Chrome, you can turn the site into a desktop app to quickly access your favorite website. To make a shortcut, navigate to your favorite website, click the wrench icon select “Tools” and then click on “Create application shortcuts.”

Carry your chrome settings to other PC’s or mobile

If you are using different computers at home or at work, you carry your Chrome settings with you by using chrome Sign in. You can keep and use your bookmarks, themes, extensions settings, by using any computer. You have to select “Sign in to Chrome” from the settings menu to carry all the settings.

Use auto-fill forms and passwords

Go to settings -> Options -> Personal Stuff then choose “AutoFill options.” By selecting “Add address,” you can enter your details.

Install the Data Server extension

If your problem is related more to a poor internet connection than it is to a sluggish browser, then one way you can help improve bandwidth is to install the Google Data Saver extension. This extension uses the Google servers to compress and optimize web pages before they are delivered to your browser.

Did we miss any here? Feel free to share any tips or tricks you use to improve your browsing experience in the comment section.

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