5 Tips to Become a GREAT Salesperson

To become a great salesperson, you have to remember that customers want to do business with people they like and respect. So, when you are selling to a customer, what you should really try to do is earn their trust. In order to be successful at that, here are five tips that will help you go from an average salesperson to a great one: 

Get motivated

Set – and stick to – clear activity goals to keep yourself on track when you’re feeling unmotivated. Always remember that you are a part of a sales team. When you win, you win together, and if you lose, you lose together too. That doesn’t mean that you should rely on anyone, but that you should always try to keep yourself motivated and focused to achieve your sales goals. Don’t ever hesitate to seek guidance from your team members.

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Never stop learning

When it comes to sales, learning can differentiate great salespeople from average ones. Keep your knowledge of the product up-to-date, role-play sales calls, and read industry news. Great salespeople don’t just continuously improve their performance using their sales skills and learning from experience. They improve their performance by continuously improving their ability to learn.

Change your mantra

Salespeople who have a positive attitude, sell more. Customers find them more helpful and reliable, so they buy more from them – and this, in turn, leads to greater sales success. As a salesperson, your mantra should be “Always Be Helping” rather than “Always Be Closing”.

Know your customer

Understanding customers’ behavior is not easy and most often requires thoughtful observation to identify their preferences or past purchase patterns. Take more interest in knowing your customer so that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. That way you will be able to present solutions that are relevant to their needs (even if that means leaving a really popular option). 

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Be an active listener

Sales representatives who don’t actively listen to their customers miss the opportunity to build rapport, uncover buyer needs, and let the prospect know that you are there to solve their problems. To show that you’re listening, repeat what a prospect has said back to them in a slightly different way, beginning with: “What I hear you saying is….”. 

Bonus: Adopt Technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology to streamline their sales activities. A great salesperson tries to use all the latest technological innovations to his advantage. In modern times, software solutions for customer relationship management or sales activity monitoring are some of the most widely used tools for increasing sales performance.  

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